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Organization of the technological process and development of the electrical section with the introduction of installation and maintenance of car distance detection system on the basis of service stations

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"Organization of the technological process and  development of electrotechnical

site with the  implementation of installation works  and maintenance  car distancedetection system 

on the basis of service stations»


I.  Initial data for the design of service stations

  1. Population of serviced area (people) ___
  2. Average number of cars per 1000 inhabitants __
  3. Average annual mileage of one car, km  __
  4. % of owners using stoA services of the city, %  __
  5. % of owners using the services of this STOA city, % __
  6. % of car owners by brand, % __
  7. StoA working hours, days  ____
  8. Modification of rolling stock, model _____AT__________ 




                                       Explanatory note


  1. Research part

  2. Calculation and technological part

  3. Organizational part

  4. Safety and environmental protection

  5. Innovative technology of the project

  6. Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the project

  7. Design part

  8. Conclusion

  9. References


II. Design part

                   __ Demonstration stand device and operation car distance detection system _____


III. Graphic part

                  1 sheet  ______

    2 sheet  ____Process map (diagram) of the production process____

                  3 sheet  ____Innovative technologies in the project____

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