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Organization of maintenance and repair of the tractor fleet with the development of the section of maintenance and repair of fuel equipment of diesel engines with the technology of repair of the plunger pair

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In my diploma project, I considered the organization of repairs and maintenance of tractors.

He determined the planned repairs and numbered maintenance of tractors: T-150K, DT-75M, MTZ-100. He calculated the labor intensity of ongoing repairs of tractors, combines and agricultural machines .

He calculated the annual scheduled load of the central repair shop, and also built a schedule for the total load of the workshop.

He performed the calculation of the repair area of ​ ​ fuel equipment, which includes the calculation of the number of workers, the calculation and selection of equipment, the calculation of the area of ​ ​ the site, the calculation of ventilation, lighting and heating.

He considered the technology of repairing the plunger pair, studied methods of repairing defects.

In the graphic part, I calculated and drew the following: a schedule of fuel consumption, a schedule for loading the CDC and a plan for the repair of fuel equipment.

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