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Drawings purchasing

Our main goal is to help out clients to find and get information that will help them in their studies or work. Therefore, we constantly strive to replenish and develop our catalog of materials.
If you have any materials you would like to share, we will consider purchasing.

  1. Materials must be drawings or 3D models in compass or autocad. Materials without CAD files (pdf, doc, images, etc.) - are not interested
  2. Materials on machine parts (gearboxes, drives, etc.) - are not interested
  3. Materials must not be presented in the Interned on other websites
  4. You must be the owner of materials
  5. Having more than 100 materials in your archive
  6. Clear structure of your archive - ideal is to find each material in a separate folder, as well as the presence of a table with the name of the material and the folder corresponding to it
  7. Submit your offers via feedback form with a description of the materials in your archive and be sure to write how much money you want for your drawings.

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