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How to draw up an upload

If you follow these simple design rules, for a good project that is not on the Internet, you will receive 90 points instead of 20-30 without a design. The less the moderator has to edit your drawing, the more points will be awarded.


The title must match the contents of the drawing. For the course, this is the name of the course, for the diploma the name of the diploma, etc. If it's just a few drawings, the best option for the title is what is written in the stamp of the assembly drawing. The name must be a capital letter.


To get the maximum number of points, the image must be present. Select a drawing for the picture that reflects the essence of the project as much as possible. This is usually an assembly drawing. You can also select multiple drawings for an image. There should be no watermarks in the image! The width of the image should be about 800 pixels (600-900 pixels allowed). For example, you can see any of the drawings posted on the site. A simple way to get a drawing image:

  • Open the drawing, make it approximately the size of the screen, then press the PrintScreen button on the keyboard (usually at the top right).
  • Open Windows Paint Standard Image Editor (Start -> All Programs -> Standard)
  • Insert your screenshot into Paint (Ctrl + V)
  • Trim the screenshot on the drawing border (Select what you want to trim with the Selection tool, then press Trim or Ctrl + Shift + X)
  • Click File- > Save (or Ctrl + S). Write the file name you want, the save format is jpg or png
  • Select your image file when adding a drawing.


A good description should include:

  • A description of the design in the drawing (or a description of the diagram, project, and so on). What is intended for, what are the features. If a project with a note, the part of the note (Introduction, task) that characterizes the project will be enough.
  • The composition of the project - which drawings (list the complete composition of drawings), whether there is a note, whether there are 3D models in the project, if the project is in a foreign language (not Russian) to indicate in which.


Hold down Ctrl to select multiple categories. Without fail for any project 3 categories are specified:

  • One of the subcategories in the category Format - Compass, Autocade, etc. This is the program in which the drawing was created
  • One of the subcategories in the Assignment category is Work or Training. This is the purpose of the drawing - for work and real production or for study
  • One of the subcategories in the category Drawings and 3D - Reducers, Cranes, Electrics, etc. Specify a subcategory, not a parent category. For example, not gearboxes, but worm gearboxes.
  • An exception is projects that do not have a drawing - they are only listed in the Projects Without Drawing category.
  • Look at any other project on the site and pay attention to the categories in which it is included

How points are awarded

Points for the project are awarded after the project is validated by the moderator. The number of points depends on the quality of the project and its design. Points for the project are awarded according to the following formula - (A + B + C) x3, where

A - the number of points awarded for the quality of the project (5-15 points);

B - The number of points awarded for the presence of an image when submitting a project, 0 - no image, 5 - there is an image and meets the requirements for the image;

C - Project description quality, minimum 0, maximum 10.

If the project is of high quality (full diploma, course) and it is not on the Internet on other sites, the number of points is multiplied by 3. Thus, the maximum number of points is 90.

The moderator is guided when earning points on this formula, but in the end the number of points depends on the moderator's solution.

Project Quality

  1. The project should not be on the site. This can be easily verified by using a site search. If the project is on the site, it is deleted. Check the originality of the project yourself.
  2. The project is on the Internet on other sites. The maximum for such a project with an ideal design can get 20 points.
  3. The project is not on the Internet, but it is not high quality. For example, a drawing of multiple lines without dimensions. If the moderator decides that such a drawing is of interest to visitors to the site, he will leave it, but will accrue a minimum number of points (5).
  4. The project is good enough. For example, an original diploma with all drawings and notes, a good working design with all working drawings, etc. The maximum number of points is awarded for such a project.

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