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If you want to enquire more information, send us a message. Please read FAQ before your request. We will try to respond to you as fast as possible. Or you can write a email:


When will you check my uploaded materials?

Usually, moderation takes one day (24 hours), but we do not guarantee to review your materials within that time. You can find the last review date in the header (clock icon)

Downloaded file cannot be opened. What should I do?

Try to open a file using the last version of a corresponding program (you can solve 99% of all issues this way).

Viewer for Kompas (.cdw, .spw, .frw extensions) you can download for free here - https://kompas.ru/kompas-3d-viewer/about/

Viewer for Autocad (.dwg, .dxf extensions) you can download for free here - https://www.autodesk.com/viewers

If you cannot open a file using the latest versions of the software, please use the feedback form and write us a message with a link to the material. If we are not able to open the file as well we will refund your points which you spent for downloading this material. After that, we will remove the corrupted project.

I want to download only one material. Could I pay less than the cost of a monthly subscription which implies the ability to download more than one project?

No, it's not possible

Do you have any additional files for the project (specification, documentation, another view)?

We don't have any additional materials.

Material's description or image does not fit the material's content. What should I do?

Write a feedback message with a link to this material. If we confirm that the description or image is wrong, we will refund your points and update the project.
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