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User agreement

This User Agreement establishes the procedure for the use of the Platform and the use of its services and regulates the relationship between the AllDrawings portal (hereinafter the Platform) and the Users (hereinafter the Agreement).

  1. General provisions
    1. In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the Platform provides the Authors with a site for publishing the Materials in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, and is also an agent of the Authors in terms of transferring the Materials to Users for use.

    2. This user agreement is a public offer.

      The full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the offer is the registration of the User on the Platform in accordance with section 3 of the Agreement. The agreement between the Platform and the User under the terms of this offer shall come into force from the moment when the Author has accepted the offer in the manner provided for in this clause.

    3. The Platform is not the copyright holder of Materials published by the Author. The Platform provides the Authors with a platform as a place for them to place the Materials and is an agent of the Authors in relation to the transfer of the Materials to Users .

    4. In the performance of the terms of the Agreement, the Platform shall not acquire any exclusive rights to the Materials published by the Author .

    5. The Platform may supplement and modify this User Agreement at any time without prior and/or subsequent notice to the User. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you re-read the user agreement periodically.

    6. The current version of the user agreement is available at https://alldrawings.ru/en/blog/item/user-agreement.

    7. Processing of personal data of Users is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on the page at the address:https://alldrawings.ru/en/blog/item/policy-regarding-the-processing-of-personal-data, which is an integral part of the user agreement.

  1. Terms used in the Agreement

    1. Platform - an Internet resource located at https://alldrawings.ru/en.

    2. Material is an object in respect of which the Author is granted the right to use the result of intellectual activity on the basis of a non-exclusive license. Files, in particular, can belong to Materials (including drawings, drawings, 3D models) which are published by Authors on the Platform.

    3. User is an individual who views and downloads Materials from the Platform.

    4. The author is an individual who has uploaded the Materials to the Platform. The Author is also a Platform User and has the ability to download Materials from other Authors .

    5. Moderation - the process of checking the Material for Platform requirements .

    6. Account - a section of the Platform to which the Author has access after completing the registration procedure, which reflects data about Materials uploaded by the Author to the Platform, information about the Author's account (number of points), as well as other information .

    7. Account - an account registered in the information system of the Platform to store information about the Author, data on the number of points credited to the account.

    8. Score is a virtual conditional unit credited to the Author's account when the Material is uploaded to the Platform or when the User purchases a Subscription. Points can be used to purchase the Materials (obtaining the right to use the result of intellectual activity on the basis of a non-exclusive license).

      Points are used exclusively for accounting purposes, are not and cannot be a means of payment, any type of currency or security, cannot be cashed, sold, assigned, donated or transferred, including by inheritance, cannot be replaced by monetary equivalent in kind (no cash shall be issued from the Author's account), may not be used except in accordance with the Agreement.

    9. Platform Service - Platform functionality, including:

      • Search for Materials

      • registration of the Author on the Platform;

      • Material downloads, etc.

      The Platform may supplement, modify, remove the functionality of the Platform unilaterally, without notice to the Authors.

    10. Subscription - the amount of rights granted to the Author for downloading the Material - the possibility of purchasing non-exclusive licenses for the Materials from other Authors, using the Platform Services. The number of downloads depends on the number of Points on the Author's Account. The term of the Subscription may vary.

    11. Device - personal computer, mobile phones (of any model) belonging to the Author legally.

  1. Account Registration Procedure

    1. User registration is carried out by filling out a questionnaire on the Platform:

      1. The user completes the questionnaire and provides the following data:

        • Account's e-mail address.

    2. After completing the questionnaire, the User clicks the "New Account" button.

    3. When you click the "Create Account" button, the User shall provide reliable and non-outdated information by filling out the questionnaire.

    4. All notifications sent by the Platform to the User at the e-mail address specified by it shall be deemed appropriate.

    5. The user has the right to create only one account.

    6. The User shall be responsible for data security for access to the Account (e-mail and password).

    7. The User has the right to remove the Account, there is no refund for unused Subscription and Points. To delete an account, you must send a message to the site administration using the feedback form.

  1. Platform Usage Rules. Guarantees of the Author

    1. The User shall:

      • Provide, upon request of the Platform, additional information that is directly related to the Platform Services provided;

      • Respect the property and non-property rights of the Authors and other rights holders when using the Platform;

      • Not to take actions that may be considered as disruptive to the normal operation of the Platform;

      • Not to distribute with the use of the Platform any confidential and protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation information about individuals or legal entities;

      • Avoid any actions that may result in breach of confidentiality of information protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as actions that lead to or may lead to violation of certain provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation;

      • Do not use Platform Services for the purpose of:

        • downloading content that is illegal and violates any rights of third parties;

        • Promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination on racial, national, sexual, religious, social grounds;

        • contains false information and (or) insults to specific persons, organizations, authorities;

        • inducement to commit unlawful acts, as well as assistance to persons whose actions are aimed at violating restrictions and prohibitions in force in the territory of the Russian Federation;

        • violations of the rights of minors and/or any form of harm to them;

        • infringement of minority rights.

    2. The user is not allowed to:

      • Use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual processes to access, acquire, copy or track the content of the Platform;

      • Disrupt Platform Services;

      • By any means circumventing the navigation structure of the Platform in order to obtain or attempt to obtain any information, documents or materials by any means not specifically provided by the Platform Services;

      • Unauthorized access to the Platform Services, any other systems or networks related to the Platform, and any services offered on the Platform;

      • Violate the security or authentication system on the Platform or in any network related to the Platform;

      • Perform a reverse search, monitor or attempt to track any information about any other Platform user;

      • Use the Platform and its contents for any purpose prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as incite any illegal activity or other activity that violates the rights of the Platform or other persons.

    3. The author guarantees that:

      • when uploading the Material, copyright, patent and any other rights of third parties will not be violated;

      • The Author shall have all exclusive rights to the Material to be downloaded.

  1. Procedure for fulfillment of obligations

    Downloading Materials to the Platform

    1. The author uploads the Materials he created to the Platform by filling in the Material addition form and submitting the form to the server.

    2. The material shall meet the following requirements:

      • The Material shall not be posted on the Internet in the public domain or on similar restricted sites or on the Platform;

      • Material Format-A set of files created in CAD programs. Material must have at least one file in CAD format. Only images, pdf, doc/docx files, etc. are not accepted (exceptions to this rule are possible, determined by the Platform during material moderation);

      • The material should be useful for the User.

      • The Material information shall be complete and complete (including title, description, image of the Material) and shall correspond to the loaded Material.

      • In case of violation of the requirements for the Material, as well as for any other reasons, the Material may be removed during the moderation

      • The Platform is entitled not to give any explanation to the Author as to why the Material it added was deleted

    3. The material is moderated within 3 days from the date of download.

    4. If the Material is not moderated, it is removed from the Platform and the Subscription is not provided to the Author.

    5. After successful completion of the moderation, the Material is published on the Platform.

    6. Upon publication, the Author shall be granted access to the weekly Subscription and the Author's Account shall be credited with points in the amount determined by the Platform depending on the quality of the material published by him.

      The Platform is entitled not to give any explanation to the Author regarding the number of points awarded.

      The subscription expires from the moment of the first download on the Devices of the Author of Materials of other Authors .

    Removing Materials from the Platform

    1. The author can modify or delete the Material he or she has downloaded until he or she is moderated. After the Material has been moderated, the Author cannot delete or modify the Material loaded in the Catalog.

    2. The Platform has the right to unilaterally remove the Materials uploaded by it without notice to the Author in case of finding out the facts of violation of the Agreement, including receipt of a statement by a third party about violation of its rights (including copyright and exceptional ones) due to publication of the Materials on the Platform, as well as for other reasons.

    3. A third party has the right to send to e-mail admin@alldrawings.ru a statement of violation of its rights (including copyright and exceptional ones) due to the publication of the Materials on the Platform.

    4. In case of receipt of a third party's claim of violation of its rights (including copyright and exclusive ones) due to publication of the Materials on the Platform, the Platform shall remove the Material within 3 days from the date of receipt of the relevant application.

    5. The platform cannot be held accountable for violating the rights of third parties.

    Downloading Materials from the Platform

    1. The required Material shall be selected by the User in the relevant section of the Platform - "Drawings," "Figures."

      To search for the required Material, the User can use the search string and specify the required name, or subsections of the relevant sections of the Platform.

    2. The User may download the Materials in the amount provided for by his Subscription. The number of allowable downloads and their frequency are indicated on the Platform page: https://alldrawings.ru/en/access.

    3. The grant of the right to use the Material shall be deemed to have taken place from the moment of downloading the Material to the User's Device.

    4. The User who downloaded the Material once has access to its re-download regardless of the availability of Points and active Subscription

    5. In case the Material does not correspond to the description on the Platform and (or) it cannot be opened on the User's Device, the User sends a notification about this to the Platform by e-mail admin@alldrawings.ru.

      The User shall attach screenshots from the device screen confirming the circumstances specified in paragraph, as well as a reference to the Material. The Platform Administration shall check the user's application and assist the User with the opening of the Material. If it is not possible to open the Material or the description does not correspond, the Platform shall return the Points to the User within 3 days from the moment of receipt of the duly issued notification

    Intellectual Property

    1. The rights to use the downloaded Materials shall be granted by the Authors without limitation of the territory and validity period.

    2. The Material is provided solely for personal use by the User under a non-exclusive license. The authors have the right to conclude similar agreements with third parties.
    3. The Authors grant the User the right to use the downloaded Material in the following ways:
      • public display;
      • Public awareness;
      • processing;
      • practical implementation;
      • Adapt the material to your needs.
    4. The user is not entitled to:
      • conclude sublicensing agreements to grant the right to use the downloaded Materials;
      • use the Materials to create trademarks and service marks;
    5. Some Materials containing images, logos, trademarks and service marks, brand names, and other intellectual property may require additional licenses, rights, and permissions to use. The User is solely responsible for determining whether additional licenses, rights and authorizations are required for the intended use of the Material before downloading and using any Material.

    6. The User warrants the Authors that in the course of using the Materials it will not violate the applicable law, intellectual property rights of third parties.

  1. Subscription Payment

    1. The user pays for the subscription according to the rates specified on the Platform page: https://alldrawings.ru/en/access. The platform has the right to unilaterally change the size of tariffs. At the same time, when the tariff changes, the cost of paid Subscriptions does not change .

    2. After selecting the Subscriptions type, the User is redirected to a secure payment page, where he enters data to pay for Subscriptions. Upon successful payment, an email is sent to the payment form with Subscription information and payment details.

    3. When you purchase a Subscription, the number of Points will be awarded to the Account of the User by the Subscription. When the Material is downloaded from the Account of the User, a certain number of points for downloading the Material is debited

    4. When the Subscription expires, the Points are saved and added to the Points granted when the Subscription is renewed.

    5. When a User pays a Subscription before the expiration date of a valid subscription, it is renewed by the number of days of validity of the new Subscription, Points are summed up .

    6. If the User did not download the Materials after the purchase of the Subscription, it is possible to return the funds to the User in full if the technical capability is available. To do this, the User must write a message using a feedback form. The refund may require additional information from the Account.

  1. Responsibility

    1. Liability for default or improper performance of obligations under the contract under the terms of this user agreement is determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    2. The Platform and Materials shall be provided to the User under "As is."

    3. The Platform shall have the right to delete the Account of the User in case of more than two facts of violation by the User of duties and restrictions established by Section 5 of the Agreement.

    4. The User agrees that it is not entitled to demand from the Platform any compensation for moral, material damage during the term of the Agreement, and after the expiration of the term, except in cases expressly provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  1. Term of the contract. Termination of contract

    1. The Agreement under the terms of this offer shall enter into force from the moment of acceptance of the offer by the Author and shall be valid until the Parties fully fulfill their obligations.

    2. The User has the right to unilaterally renounce the Agreement by sending an application to admin@alldrawings.ru e-mail. In such case the Agreement shall be deemed terminated after 10 days from the date of receipt of the notification by the Platform .

  1. Other conditions

    1. Acceptance of the terms of this Agreement means:

      1. Consent of the User to the storage and processing of personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data.

      2. By filling out the form on the Platform, the User gives permission to the Platform to process: collect, record, systematize, store, refine (update, modify), extract, use, transfer (including entrust processing to other persons), impersonate, block, delete, destroy, personal data.

        Consent is valid from the moment the User sends its data to the moment it is revoked by the User. Withdrawal involves sending a document demanding to stop processing personal data to the Platform.

        Consent to the processing of personal data shall be provided by the User to the Platform, including for the purpose of fulfillment of obligations that arose or may arise from the Platform during the performance of this Agreement, including, but not limited to:

        • for the Platform and/or its authorized representatives to contact the User.

      3. Personal data that the User provides to the Platform:

        • Account's e-mail address.

    2. If any provision or part of the provisions of the Contract under this User Agreement is invalidated or unenforceable, the remaining provisions and parts of the Contract shall remain in full force and effect.

    3. In all other respects, the Parties agree to be guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

    4. All notices, legally relevant messages should be communicated to the Platform at the e-mail address: admin@alldrawings.ru.

    5. In case of disputes, the Parties shall resolve them through negotiations .

    6. If the agreement is not reached during the negotiations, the Party concerned shall send the claim in writing signed by the authorized person. The claim shall be sent by means of communication, ensuring that it is recorded by registered mail, fax, etc.) and received, or delivered to the other Party on receipt.

    7. The Party to which the claim is submitted shall review the claim received and notify the Party concerned in writing within 10 days from the date of receipt of the claim.

    8. This user agreement, as well as matters not settled by it, shall be governed by the effective legislation of the Russian Federation.

Revision from: 19.05.2022

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