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In this category, drawings created in the Compas3D Schedule program - Russian-made CAD developed by ASKON are laid out.

Compass 3D the Schedule allows to create 3D models (look the truth, they it is not as nice, as, for example, in Solidvorksa, well it not the main thing), from which then it is possible to generate the drawing with associative types, and not only with types - the Compass allows to build cuts, sections and also local types, with a gap, and types on an arrow. When you change the model, the drawing also changes (if you do not break the associative link, naturally, what can also be done in the Compass, while abandoning the heap of benefits that it gives). If you have not forgotten in the 3D model to give the name of a part or assembly, then this information will be transferred to the title block of the drawing, as well as the mass of the product. You can automatically create a schedule that is associated with a 3D model and drawing.

An undeniable and important advantage of Compass is that there are a huge number of libraries that can be connected to it, and which automates a fairly wide range of tasks encountered in the design and design of the drawing. A library of standard products, for example, is a very useful addition and allows you to automatically insert a fairly wide range of standard parts into a 3D assembly. By the way, you can immediately add a lot of things to the drawing, well, this is if you are designing old-fashioned, without 3D. Automatic calculations and constructions of springs and gears (you can generate both the model and the drawing) also facilitate the heavy work of the designer.

Well, the main thing that many designers love Compass is that it is Russian-made, so you don't have to suffer with the design of the ESKD drawing, this all turns out by itself. I started the program - and there is immediately a frame according to GOST in the drawing! It can't help but bribe. It is not according to the ESKD that it is already causing some difficulties. Of course, this approach loses the flexibility inherent in, for example, an Autocade, well, this is understandable. Parameterization also causes complaints, in the same Solidworks everything is much more convenient. Well, a lot of other things cause complaints. However, as for the Compass Graph specifically, as blueprints for drawings, in our modest opinion, it is difficult for a Russian person to come up with something more convenient. The compass is simple and strict, like a kulman, nothing superfluous. After it, the Solid interface may seem made for the child.

Those people who are accustomed to using licensed software, or those who are forced to do so, will appreciate the cost of Compass compared to foreign CAD systems. And you can do on it almost everything that is necessary for the design of almost any products.

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