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Methanol-Ethanol Distillation Column

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Design a distillation column to separate the methanol-ethanol mixture with the following initial data: capacity - 2400 kg/h, content of a volatile component: cube - 5, outcome. - 30, distyl. - 91%, temperature of initial mix - 20 wasps, pressure in a column - 1 atm., a column dish-shaped.

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Table of contents


Plant Flow Chart

Design Task

1. Process calculation of the apparatus

1.1. Material Balance

2. Determination of steam velocity and column diameter

3. Hydraulic calculation of trays

4. Determination of number of trays and column height

5. Thermal calculation

List of literature

1. introduction

Rectification is a process of multiple partial liquid evaporation and vapor condensation. The process is carried out by contacting streams of steam and liquid having different temperatures, and is carried out usually in column apparatuses. At each contact, mainly LC (low boiling component) evaporates from the liquid, which enriches the vapors, and mainly HC (high boiling component), which passes into the liquid, condenses from the vapors. This two-way interchange of components, repeated many times, ultimately yields pairs that are almost pure NC. These vapors, after condensation in a separate apparatus, give distillate (rectificate) and reflux, the liquid returned to reflux the column and react with the rising vapors. Vapors are obtained by partial evaporation from the bottom of the residue column, which is almost pure HC.

Rectification has been known since the beginning of the 19th century as one of the most important technological processes mainly in the alcohol and oil industries. Rectification is now increasingly used in a wide variety of chemical technologies, where the isolation of components in pure form is very important (in the production of organic synthesis, isotopes, polymers, semiconductors and various other high purity substances) [2].

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