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Course work in the discipline "Technologies of construction processes"

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In the course the works at vertical planning of the construction site, initial data for design in the image are considered

Project's Content

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1 Execution of works at vertical site layout

1.1 Calculation of black, red and working elevations of the site

1.2 Determination of mass haul on site

1.3 Determination of medium range of soil movement at the site

1.4 Selection of method of works and set of machines for vertical site planning

1.5 Calculation of cost-effectiveness of integrated mechanization of works at vertical site planning

2 Excavator excavation

2.1 Determination of excavation volumes during excavation of pit

2.2 Selection of machines and vehicles for pit development

3Defining the labour intensity of earthworks

4 Development of work execution schedule

5 Quality control of works

6 Development of measures for safe excavation

7 Technical and economic indicators



The course work is carried out in accordance with the task and represents sections of the work execution project during earthworks (vertical site layout with dimensions of 200x150 m and pit development with dimensions of 12x38 m).

Course design objectives:

To familiarize yourself with the procedure for development of work execution projects;

Select the main technological means and methods of execution of the specified types of construction processes;

develop skills in designing process diagrams of complex mechanized processes and performing feasibility calculations when substantiating accepted options for performing work.

Course work consists of an explanatory note and a graphic part. The explanatory note is made on 22 sheets of A4 format, the graphic part is developed on 1 sheet of A1 format.


In the course work, in accordance with the task, technological diagrams for the production of earthworks and construction and installation works were developed during the construction of the zero cycle of the building with dimensions in the axes of 38x12 m on the site with dimensions of 200x150 m.

To perform earthworks, the following machines were selected: DZ20 scraper, DZ17 bulldozer, D551A rink, E505 excavator. The operation diagrams of the machines are presented in the graphic part. The scraper performs movement according to the "zigzag" scheme. The pit is developed by an excavator for two penetrations. Cutting the vegetable layer is carried out by bulldozing strips 3970 mm wide in a trench way. The roller moves along a spiral-circular.

Drawings content

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