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300-seat school with 50-seat boarding school in Khanty-Mansiysk - JP

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The ASG degree project contains the entire architecture section consisting of 3 sheets

Project's Content

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Additional information

Building Design Input

The designed construction site is located on the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk. The construction area belongs to the 1st climatic area, subarea 1D.

The climate is characterized by harsh, long winters, relatively short but warm summers, late spring and autumn early frosts, a short frost-free period, a sharp fluctuation in temperature during the year, month and even day. The deviation of the average daily temperatures from the average monthly temperatures is 20 degrees C. The coldest month of the year is January with a temperature of 20.0 degrees C. The warmest is July with a temperature of + 15.0 degrees C.

The annual rainfall is about 510 mm. A stable snow cover forms in the second half of October, and collapses in late April - early May. The highest height of the snow cover is 100 cm, the maximum depth of ground freezing is 270cm. The predominant direction of the winds is southwest.

Construction facility - 300-seat school with 50-seat boarding school

Construction area - Khanty-Mansiysk

Snow load for the V district of Russia in [1] - 3.2 kPa.

Wind load for the II district of Russia in [1] - 0.3 kPa.

Design winter outside air temperature -410С.

Construction class - II

Degree of fire resistance - II

1.2 Master Improvement Plan

The construction site is located in a densely populated part of HantyMansiysk, around CRM. The designed building is located along Rosnina Street.

The construction site is bordered by:

-on the northeast side - Sirina Street.

- on the southwestern side - Obskaya street.

-on the southeast side - Pioneer Street.

Entrances from existing roads are provided to the territory on the territory of the school. At a distance of about 100 m from the designed building there is a stop of urban transport. For the parking of school vehicles, a parking lot is provided on the south side of the designed building, and for the transport of the accompanying student, the parking lot is supposed to be located in the north-eastern part of the construction site, along Sirina Street.

The design of the coverage of driveways and parking lots is as follows:

- asphalt concrete - 0.06 m;

- crushed stone with bitumen impregnation at 0 06 m - 0.16 m;

- sand - 0.20 m.

The network of driveways in the territory provides technological maintenance, and access of fire engines to any part of the designed building.

A sidewalk has been designed for people to pass through. Paving structure of paving stones. On the sidewalk and in places of rest, the project provides for the installation of benches and urns.

The area free from development and coating is sown with a grass mixture (the device of an ordinary lawn is 14000 m2). On the lawn along the perimeter of sidewalks and recreation areas: 1200 currant bushes for planting in a row and 120 lilac bushes for planting in groups.

Along the perimeter of the site, 150 Siberian pine trees are planted.

Main indicators under the master plan:

1. The area of ​ ​ the site is 1.5 hectares.

2. The area of ​ ​ the building is 0.57 ha.

3. The area of ​ ​ driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and meth of rest is 0.52 ha.

4. The area of ​ ​ landscaping is 0.38 ha.

Containers for garbage collection are installed at special sites, followed by removal as they accumulate.

1.3 Process Assignment

The designed building of the boarding school in Khanty-Mansiysk is intended for :

- organization of children's education from grades 1 to 11,

- the residence of children studying at school from nearby settlements, as well as the residence of orphans.

- conducting competitions of various levels on the basis of the school.

1.3.1 Premises included in the school

1. Study rooms (classrooms for 111 classes of mathematics, Russian language, history, BIO, art and drawing, computer science, geography, singing and music, study rooms of foreign languages, laboratories of physics, chemistry, biology with laboratory rooms.

2. Rooms for labor training (workshops for metal, wood processing, rooms for tissue processing and cooking).

3. Educational and sports facilities (gym, gymnasium, gym, tennis hall, shell, undress with showers, shooting range).

4. Cultural and mass premises (assembly hall, choreography hall, library for 16.5 thousand copies of books, reading room, subscription).

5. Dining room.

The dining room is designed by a raw material worker and is designed to provide hot breakfasts for all students and 50% of students with lunches. The dining room is designed for 100 people. Breakfast in the dining room is provided in 3 plantings. Lunch at 2 landings. The following rooms were designed: hot with a cold shop, vegetable and meat-making workshops, washing dining and kitchen utensils, food pantries and chilled chambers, staff wardrobe.

6. Administrative and economic premises (office of the director with a reception room, teacher's, methodological office, office).

7. Auxiliary rooms (lobby and wardrobe).

1.3.2 Premises included in the boarding school.

1. Sleeping rooms for 2 and 3 people;

2. An isolation room with a bathroom for boys;

3. A closet with a bathroom for girls;

4. Room for preparation of disinfectant solutions;

5. Offices: doctor, dentist, physiotherapy, procedural;

6. Playrooms;

7. Wardrobe and shoe dryer;

8. Castellannaya;

9. Rooms for educators;

10. Auxiliary facilities (bathrooms for girls, boys, teachers, storeroom for cleaning).

The project provides for various equipment and furniture to support the basic functions of the school. To equip the dining room, modern trade and technological equipment on electric heating is adopted.

1.5 Architectural Solutions

The architectural and artistic decision was made taking into account the existing planning structure of the district, consisting of two open spaces located one relative to the other at a significant angle from the side of the river, and northern climatic features.

The color decision is made on a combination of contrasting, sufficiently bright colors, which should contribute to the creation of sunshine, and creates a positive mood for students.

The boarding school building is a complex of multi-functional two-story volumes blocked among themselves, with the main entrance from the courtyard.

The technologically interconnected chain of rooms represents the possibility of independent operation of both individual units and the entire complex.

On the ground floor there is a lobby group of rooms, classrooms, medical and economic blocks.

There are front and functional stairs and a ramp for the disabled, an amphitheater for public events.

On the second floor there is an assembly hall with a foyer, a gymnasium, high school rooms, a library and boarding school premises.

The basement floor is used to accommodate tyre, household and technical rooms.

For 0.000 elevation of the building the level of clean floor of the first floor is accepted. The main entrance is raised 1.50 m above ground level, which allows you to achieve the paradigm of the approach and build economic and technical premises.

The height of the floors is taken from floor to floor equal to 3.300 m. The height of the halls is from two to three heights of the floors.

Exterior finishes:

Part of the walls outside is lined with facade plates "Fast" according to the insulation (ventilated facade system) of ivory color. Part of the walls is lined with facade tiles "Fast" terracotta.

The cornice part of the roof, the frame of anti-aircraft lights - from typed chase elements of white color.

The roof is covered with a profiled sheet treated in factory conditions with a special polymer composition of dark blue-gray color.

The basement is lined with granite blocks of rock texture, grayish-marshy in color.

Steps and porch covering made of granite blocks for the color of the basement treated with buchard.

The platform in front of the entrance is laid out with tiles of the type "Bezper."

Windows and doors, anti-aircraft lights made of metal plastic with filling from glass windows.

Metal structures of roof enclosures are covered with enamels in factory conditions.

Interior trim:

Floors: granite; from marble; ceramic granite; ceramic tiles; linoleum; planks; mosaic concrete; cement.

Wall surfaces - marble; decorative ceramic tiles; with enamels and water-emulsion paints.

Ceilings - suspended; glue and lime whitewash.

1.6 Design Solutions

The structural structures of the building are brick walls, steel columns and frame beams.

External brick walls are designed from full-white ceramic bricks with insulation by the ventilated facade system "Fast" (Pervouralsk)

The bases are accepted pile in accordance with GOST 19804.279 *, with a section of 30х30 cm, grillages - monolithic.

The external walls of the basement are designed from foundation blocks according to GOST 1357978 and full-white ordinary ceramic bricks. The underground part of the basement is designed with reinforced horizontal and vertical waterproofing.

Partitions - brick.

Floorings - from multistage slabs with a length of 7.2 m; 6.0 m; 3.0 m; according to the series 1.1411, vol. 60 and 64, from monolithic reinforced concrete.

Stairs - prefabricated reinforced concrete marches and platforms in the series 1.251.14 in 1.2.

Jumpers - reinforced concrete in the series 1.088.11v.2 and metal.

Runs and columns are metal.

The roof is tented on metal trusses.

Anti-aircraft lights - from aluminum profiles of the Tatprof unified system of the company "STRASAL" in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Roof from "MONTERREY" metal block according to TU 52850014585982097.

Movable parts of theatrical equipment structures are developed at the stage of working documentation by a specialized subcontract company.

Floors - granite, made of marble, ceramic granite, made of ceramic tiles, linoleum, plank, made of mosaic concrete, cement.

Doors - wooden as per GOST 1121486.

Windows - from metal plastic with filling with double-glazed windows.

Drawings content

icon Генплан.(Печать)Н.dwg.dwg


icon План 1-го, 2-го, фасады и разрезы(Печать).dwg

План 1-го, 2-го, фасады и разрезы(Печать).dwg

icon План 1-го, 2-го, фасады и разрезы.dwg

План 1-го, 2-го, фасады и разрезы.dwg
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