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Organization of maintenance and repair of Alur-1500C machine for packing in polymer cups

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Course project on the topic: "Organization of maintenance and repair of the Alur-1500C machine for packing in polymer cups." Contains: DBE, general view drawing with schedule, shaft drawing, economic calculation of this machine.

Project's Content

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Job for Course Project

1. Construction Description

1.1 Purpose

1.2 Structure and principle of structure operation 

1.3 Technical characteristics

2. Calculations that confirm the operability of the structure

2.1 Process calculation

2.2 Calculation of the main cycles of the machine

3. Installation and operation

3.1 Installation

3.2 Operation and Maintenance

4. Structural repair

4.1 PPM Schedule

4.2 Repair Process

4.3 Quick Wearing Parts

4.4 Process tooling for repair

4.5 Main faults and methods of their rectification

4.6 Repair and process documentation

5. Occupational, Environmental and Fire Protection



The inclusion in the technical development plan of measures to improve technology and technological mechanization and automation, improve the organization of production, is preceded by careful maintenance of the feasibility of their implementation.

Thus, before improving or refurbishing any production, it is necessary to provide calculations of the cost-effectiveness of implementing this type of equipment. The indicators of increasing production efficiency as a result of the implemented measures to improve the equipment include: increase in productivity and decrease in the cost of the product.

The level of production efficiency is characterized by a decrease in indicators that reflect various aspects of the enterprise's activities, one unit for all industries and are divided into the following groups: indicators of the use of live labor, fixed assets, capital investments, working capital, material resources. 

Feasibility study [1]

The purpose of the feasibility study is to determine the cost-effectiveness of the introduction into the production line of the Aur1500 C packaging electromechanical machine. 

Alur1500 С unit is designed for automatic packing (volumetric dosing and hermetic sealing) of heated melted cheeses and other liquid and paste-like products without heating: (juices, vegetable oils, dairy products, etc.) in polypropylene or polystyrene cups up to 95 mm in diameter (outer diameter of the flange) with a maximum height of 122 mm and a volume of up to 500 ml with automatic sealing of cups with covers made of aluminum foil with a thermoplastic coating according to the ones allowed by the State Committee for Sanitary Inspection of Russia for contact with food products, and installation of plastic lap covers (over aluminum) with a diameter of 95 mm for reusable use of the product. 

 The performance of the machine is 1,500 cups per hour.

- The design is designed so that all operations are sequential; basic parts.

- Control is performed from the control panel, located on the housing.

- Drive.

- The service life of the machine can be extended with proper operation, compliance with cleanliness of units and parts.

- Maintenance of the machine is carried out by the operator - working not lower than IV bit.

- Maintenance and repair of the machine is carried out using the PPR system.

- The use of the PPM system prevents progressive wear and tear of the equipment. Creates prerequisites for the most efficient use of the machine.

The machine functionally complies with the requirements of technological conditions, sanitary rules, rules of arrangement and safe operation, instructions for sanitary treatment of equipment operating at dairy enterprises.

Determine the value of capital investments [2; 3]

2.1 Equipment grades

- operating equipment Polur 600

- designed equipment Alur1500 С 

 calculation of operating costs per unit of production [1; 2;


Operating expenses include expenses related to the operation of equipment, salaries of maintenance personnel, expenses for consumed electricity during the operation of equipment, maintenance costs, depreciation deviations.

3.1 Wages of workers servicing equipment

In order to calculate the wages of production workers, it is necessary to know the rate of production, the norm of time and the rate .

3.3 Equipment maintenance costs

Equipment maintenance costs include:

- wages of repair workers

- repair materials costs

- cost of electricity for repair

- shop expenses.

Maintenance expenses are accepted in the amount of 610% of the book value of the equipment.


All calculations of the cost-effectiveness of replacing the obsolete POLUR 600 packaged electromechanical semiautomatic machine with an Alur1500 C machine with a higher performance showed that our designed machine surpasses the outdated model in almost all economic indicators. Its performance is much higher, and it is also easy to operate and the cost of a new machine is higher than outdated, the amount of depreciation per unit is less, and the payback was 1.6 years.

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