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Mechanical engineering

In the category of mechanical engineering there are drawings of machines of various types. Almost everything created by human hands is a machine to varying degrees. A machine can be called the sum of devices and mechanisms that work as a whole and perform useful work by converting one type of energy into another. Machines are used by humanity to facilitate labor, and it is better to completely replace it.

Engineering as an industry is one of the main engines of world industry, and therefore the economy. In the modern world, engineering is moving towards the development of production facilities, the transition to information support of processes, as well as standardization and automation.

Machines can be divided into:

  •  information
  •  lifting and transportation
  •  power

Drawings of computers in this category you will most likely not find, but drawings of machines, conveyors, cranes and others like that will fall into our access will definitely be presented here.

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