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If the automotive industry fulfills the oldest human need - the need for movement in space, then aviation fulfills the oldest human dream - the dream of flight. It all started with kites in China, to which people were tied as punishment, then deltaplans, gliders, balloons. It was only at the beginning of the twentieth century that the dreams of many generations were fully realized. An object heavier than air was able to break away from the ground and fly, controlled by a person. Is it possible to say more precisely - "The mind gave us steel hands-wings, and instead of the heart - a flame motor."
At present, without aviation, it is difficult to imagine the modern world, and what is difficult there is almost impossible. With the invention of the aircraft, the world has decreased much, and although many people on the plane have never flown, the potential opportunity makes you look at the distance very differently. The invention of the aircraft can rightfully be proud of humanity.
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