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In this category you can find gearbox drawings of various designs, types and applications. In general, a reduction gear is a mechanism that transmits and converts a torque with one or more mechanical gears. The main characteristics of the reduction gear - gear ratio - the ratio of the angular speed of the driving shaft to the angular speed of the driven shaft, transmitted power, etc.
The most important parameter of the gearbox is the type of mechanical transmission. By this characteristic the reducers are divided into :

  •  cylindrical
  •  conic
  •  worm
  •  planetary
  •  cycloidal, etc.

The number of steps of the reduction gear also plays not the last role. In industry, gearboxes are also common - gearboxes connected to the electric motor. A gearbox that stepwise changes angular speed is called a gearbox, and a stepless gearbox is called a variator.

Typically, the gearbox reduces the angular velocity and increases the torque, if done vice versa, then such a device is called a multiplier.

It is no secret that of all the drawings, gearbox drawings are probably the most popular among students, obviously because in the general technical discipline "Machine Parts" in the course project it is the gearbox that has to be developed. Selecting this object for design is not accidental, by developing a gearbox "in mind" you will significantly improve your skills and skills in design.

However, for many such a task seems overwhelming, especially this entire bunch of drawings that need to be drawn. In fact, the design of the gearbox is not such a difficult matter, since the technique is developed, as they say, "from and to," so it remains only to take the book under the authorship of Dunaev and Lelikov "Design of machine units and parts" and do everything as it is written, practically without thinking. Of course, no one denies that everything will count and make all the drawings quickly, especially if you do everything right and for the first time, and not redo classmate courses or downloaded on the Internet.

Calculations lend themselves to quite good automation, however, like the drawings of the gearbox, if you try hard. If desired, you can write software in which a note and drawings will be generated in one click of the button. Of course, it will be difficult to find such software in free Internet access, and if you write yourself, it will be faster to make 5 courses manually. Although even the simple use of Matkad significantly automates this process, the drawings will most likely have to be drawn - or "interrupted" drawn by someone else.

On our website you can download gearbox drawings of various types.

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