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For inexperienced people, the process of producing a product may seem completely simple - he drew a drawing, gave it to the workshop - and this is the job. In fact, everything is a little more complicated, and technologists begin to break their heads over how to still make the figs that the designers painted on the existing equipment. And in order to produce what is necessary, and even with a given accuracy, it is necessary to prepare a technological process, and as part of this process, the main costs go to the manufacture of technological equipment, which is usually very labor-intensive. To solve this problem, standardized equipment is used, which can be used repeatedly and for different types of parts. One version of this equipment is machine tools. However, for those who graduated from the specialty "Techmash," you do not need to tell all this (we, by the way, do not relate to them).
On the site you can download drawings of various devices.

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