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A machine is a machine designed to process any materials. In mechanical engineering, almost all parts are obtained after processing blanks on certain machines. Some things have to be finalized with a file and a sledgehammer, and these tools do not fit the above definition, but in mass production this method is quite rare. Still, the machine is the main tool for obtaining parts from metal. Designing a machine is not an easy task. Of course, machine tool building is a developed industry, and there are a lot of achievements on this topic, the domestic industry produces even good machines, a whole bunch of people study in the corresponding specialties, but still the best machines are imported for some reason from abroad. In general, if you look at this matter more broadly, it turns out that machine tools are means of production. And with the help of which it is possible to produce any goods, a more significant item than other cars. The right of private ownership of the means of production played a significant role for at least the last hundred years, so machine tool building in the national economy should not occupy the last place. What will we rivet tanks and aircraft on when we once again have to fight with civilized Europe if we do not have our own machine tool building? Then it is unlikely that anyone will sell them on. But this topic is hardly interesting to those wandering to this site to download machine drawings (completely free, of course), so we will only indicate that metal cutting machines are classified according to the following parameters:

  • accuracy class
  • to weight
  • degree of automation
  • specializations

and of course in the type of processing - turning, milling, drilling, etc.
In a machine, depending on its type, a part (lathe) or a tool (milling machine) can move.
Of course, this is not all that these certainly complex mechanisms can be classified by, but you can read in more detail where.
This section of our website contains drawings of various types and types of downloads, as well as drawings of some parts and assemblies.

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