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Powder fire extinguishing project for parking based on Garant-5 modules

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Object: Underground parking lot of the shopping center. Project developer: Eternis. Year of project release: 2010. Systems: Fire extinguishing, Powder fire extinguishing

Project's Content

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Additional information


1. General provisions

2. Brief description of the object

3. Selection of fire extinguishing agent

4. Selection of fire extinguishing method and AUPT type

5. Selection of control equipment

6. Principle and operating modes of "Garant-R" automatic control system

7. Main operating modes of the unit

7.1 "Automatics ON" mode

7.2 "Automatics OFF" mode

7.3 "Diagnostics" mode

8. Calculation of the number of fire extinguishing modules

9. Installation of automatic fire extinguishing unit wiring

10. Equipment placement

11. Power supply

12. Grounding

13. Health and safety measures

14. Professional and qualification composition of persons working at the facility

for maintenance and operation of automatic control system and automatic control system

15. Maintenance and maintenance of fire automation units

1. General provisions

1.1 The basis for the design is the design contract No. ___________ dated "__" _______ 2010, architectural and working drawings submitted by the Customer.

1.2 This project deals only with the design of automatic fire alarm systems, automatic powder fire extinguishing in the parking lot of cars of the _____ shopping center located at: _____________________

1.3 The main design decisions adopted in the detailed documentation meet the requirement of the following regulatory documents:

Code of Rules SP 5.13130.2009 "Fire protection systems. Fire alarm and fire extinguishing units are automatic. Design Codes and Regulations. "

Code of Rules SP 6.13130.2009 "Fire protection systems. Electrical equipment. Fire safety requirements. "

Code of Rules SP1.13130.2009 "Fire protection systems. Escape routes and exits. "

SNiP 110195. The instruction about an order of development, coordination, a statement and structure of the project documentation on construction of the enterprises, buildings and constructions;

SNiP 210299. Parking of cars;

GOST 12.3.04691. Fire extinguishing units are automatic. General technical requirements.

PUE-2003. Electrical Installation Rules;

PPB 0103. Fire safety rules in the Russian Federation;

RD 0090196 Fire Automation Units. Technical Content Rules;

RD 78.14593 Guidelines. Systems and complexes of security, fire and fire alarm. Rules for production and acceptance of works.

Specifications, certificates of conformity and fire safety for the equipment used.

2. Brief description of the object.

Object of protection - parking of cars of the basement of the shopping center......................

The building of the shopping center is a whole complex, including one underground floor for parking and four floors of shopping and utility rooms.

Walls and floors - monolithic reinforced concrete.

The total area of the protected underground parking is 391 m2.

The number of cars is 10.

The building of the shopping center in the functional fire hazard class belongs to class F5.2.

Ceiling height does not exceed 3 m.

The category of rooms is B2.

At least two dispersed escape exits to staircases are provided from the underground floor of the parking lot (SNiP 210299, para. 5.14).

The number of people in the car storage room, taking into account the mode of parking, traffic intensity and decisions on its organization, does not exceed 50 (SP5.13130.2010 p.9.1.3), which is provided by organizational and technical measures.

Measures to prevent possible fuel flow in case of fire are provided (SNiP 210299, para. 5.17).

Forced ventilation, automatically switched off in case of fire. Air flow rate is not more than 1.0 m/s, relative humidity is up to 70%.

In accordance with item 6.29 of SNiP 210299. "Parking" in the parking areas is provided for automatic fire extinguishing.

The central control room of the fire protection system (CPC SDR) is located on the 1st floor.

The presence of smoke formations (exhaust gases of vehicles) in the absence of a fire center is possible.

In order to increase the level of fire protection of premises and tighten possible foci, manual fire extinguishing means are used.

3. Selection of fire extinguishing agent.

Selection of fire extinguishing agent in the form of general purpose fire extinguishing powder is made on the basis of:

- Determination of probable fire class in accordance with Table 1 of GOST 2733187 "Fire equipment. Fire Classification "- Class A2, V.

- Properties of material assets located on the object - a car.

- Recommendations of VNIIPO "Fire Automation Equipment. Scope. Type Selection.

Contraindications to the use of the selected fire extinguishing agent were checked:

- According to SP 5.13130.2009 p. - there are no contraindications;

- As per Table 5.1 of VNIIPO Recommendations "Fire Automation Equipment. Scope. Type Selection ":

- Solid non-smoldering substances, rubber products "fit well";

- Limit and unsaturated hydrocarbons - "suits perfectly."

- According to reference materials - "Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials and means of their extinguishing" under the ed. Prof. Baratov - when extinguishing existing substances, powder refers to "the most suitable extinguishing means" (see Table 4.1, g.1, g.3).

7. Main operating modes of the unit.

- "Automatics ON" mode (standby mode);

- Automatic mode is OFF (setting to mode is performed by pressing of "Auto. OFF "to" FDR ");

- "Diagnostics" mode (setting to the mode is performed by pressing "TEST" button of diagnostics key).

7.1 "Automatics ON" mode.

In the initial stage of the fire, when the temperature in the area of ​ ​ the WFP with "BOC" 64 + 3 ° C is reached, two PIs of the lower threshold value (PI64) are triggered. At the same time, "SCO" goes into the "Attention" state - readiness to receive signals for WFP launch (from neighboring modules with "SCO" and/or from "FDR") and to block the launch (from "FDR") - turns on its own light-and-sound alarm and generates a "Attention" notification, which is transmitted to all devices of the system.

When receiving a notice "Attention":

- corresponding relay "FDR" operates, which switches on the necessary actuators and outputs "Attention" signal to the PCP;

- LED indicator on "FDR" control relays unit is ON (by means of "FDR" it is possible to perform manual start of corresponding SW and lock automatic start);

- "Attention" signal is transmitted to "PCM" of its zone.

The development of the fire center leads to an increase in temperature in the area of ​ ​ the location of neighboring modules, while their signal processing units also go into the "Attention" state.

Upon reaching the temperature in the area of ​ ​ the WFP with "BOC" 763 ° C, two PIs of the upper threshold value (PI76) are triggered. Moreover, which of the "BOS" located at the place of temperature increase will work first depends on many factors, such as: the paths of fire propagation in the room, the direction of air heat flows, etc. "BOS" of this module goes into the "Fire" state, turns on its own light-and-sound alarm, generates and transmits "Fire" notices in 30 sec. "Start WFP."

Upon receipt of the "Fire" notification:

- corresponding relay "FDR" operates, which switches on the necessary actuators and outputs "Fire" signal to the PCP;

- "SCU" signal processing units of other WFP located in the zone of elevated temperature (in "Warning" state) go into "Fire" mode and in 30 seconds simultaneously activate the modules (in the absence of "Automation disconnected" notification).

Upon receipt of the "WFP Start" notification, the corresponding "FDR" relay operates.

When the FDR control relays are connected to the smoke removal system (or other engineering systems), they will be switched on (or off).

FDR can also broadcast all received signals to the centralized monitoring panel, control information boards, etc.

7.2 "Automatics OFF" mode.

Setting of automatic control system to mode is performed from "Automatic control system is ON" mode as a result of pressing of "Automatic control system OFF" button on "FDR "/remote button.

Upon receipt of the signal "Automation is OFF," "FDR" unit switches over contacts of relay 3 "Automation OFF," and "ECU" will switch over to "Automation OFF" state, blocking the start of MSS when the temperature exceeds the value of 763 С.

To return "Guarantor" automatic control system to standby mode press "Automatic OFF" button again on "FDR."

7.3 "Diagnostics" mode.

AUPT is diagnosed by issuing a test signal from the "DB" as a result of pressing the "TEST" button.

If the APTA devices are in the NORMAL state, they respond with the corresponding sound and light signals.

When "RESET" button is pressed on "DB," "FDR" devices return to initial state.

10. Equipment placement.

Arrangement and installation of "GarantR" ACS units shall be carried out in accordance with the design, requirements of SP5.13130.2009, Job Instructions and Instructions.

Redundant power supply "RIP12 isp.01" is attached to the wall at the height convenient for maintenance, but not less than 0.8 m from the floor level.

The FDR control relay unit is installed on the wall at a height of 1.5 m from the floor, RSK and PCM signal repeaters are installed under the ceiling outside the access area, but in the visible control area.

Placement of instruments shall prevent their accidental fall or movement along the installation surface, in which the connected wires and cables may be damaged.

When placing instruments it is necessary to ensure normal illumination of instrument panels.

Placement of "GarantR" automatic control system equipment in cabinets and compartments shielding radio communication is not allowed.

Do not install devices closer than 1 m from heating system components. Measures should be taken to protect devices from direct sunlight.

11. Power supply

According to PUE, powder fire extinguishing units in terms of ensuring the reliability of power supply are classified as electrical receivers of the 1st category. Therefore, the power supply of the plant must be from one AC source with automatic switching in emergency mode to backup power from batteries.

When the battery is used as a backup power source, the plant shall be operated for at least 24 hours in standby mode and for at least 3 hours in fire mode.

The redundant power supply is "RIP12" is.01 with 7 A/h battery.

12. Grounding

To ensure the safety of people, all electrical equipment of the Guarantor automatic control system, which has grounding terminals (RIP12 isp.1), must be reliably grounded in accordance with the requirements of the PUE. Installation of grounding devices shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of "Instructions for implementation of the grounding network in electrical installations" - MN 10276. The resistance of the grounding device used to ground the electrical equipment shall not exceed 4 ohms.

Use the metal frame of the technical room connected to the external grounding electrodes as grounding electrodes. In the circuit of grounding and zero protective conductors there shall be no disconnecting devices and fuses.

Connection of grounding and zero protective conductors to parts of electrical equipment shall be made by welding or bolting.

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