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In a category called "production drawings," we will place drawings that were not designed for educational purposes, but for the manufacture of a real part or structure. Educational drawings and drawings for production ("workers," as we called them) should be carried out according to the same rules, but nevertheless real people will produce real structures according to the working drawings. It will be very good that they are drawn on a scale and in compliance with the ESKD, not to mention a thorough study of the design being developed. It is also desirable to have a complete set of documentation (drawings, specifications, operating manuals, etc.).

Therefore, those drawings that were drawn for production, and even better, on which something has already been done, will be laid out in this section. Unlike educational drawings, working drawings are of some value (although course and diplomas can also be sold well, as well as done for money). Moreover, their value can vary from small to huge. Therefore, we remind you that all the drawings on the site belong to their authors and are intended for study for educational purposes, and not for commercial use.

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