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Jack-screw - Course project

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Screw jack design

Project's Content

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1. Cargo Screw Design

1.1. Calculation of the average diameter from the condition of wear resistance

1.2. Calculating Thread Pitch

1.3. Select Thread Parameters

1.4. Self-braking condition

1.5. Check the screw for stability

1.6. Selection of thread dimensions from standard (GOST 9484-81)

1.7. Select the shape of the heel and calculate the friction moment in the heel

1.8. Calculation of friction moment in thread

1.9. Screw strength check

2. Cargo Nut Design

2.1. Calculation of nut dimensions

2.2. Calculation of nut collar dimensions

2.3. Calculation of friction moment on ring surface

3. Calculation of handle dimensions

4. Select Chassis Sizes

5. Calculation of jack efficiency


List of used literature


A screw jack with a cast body, a lifting capacity of 8500 (H) and trapezoidal threads was designed.

The efficiency of the designed jack is 20%.

Overall dimensions of jack:

the maximum height of the jack is 340 mm;

jack handle diameter - 20 mm;

jack handle length - 140 mm;

outer diameter of the jack housing - 140 mm;

the internal diameter of the jack body is 85 mm.

1 person can work on the jack.

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