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Gas supply of part of V.Seredi street in Vasilkov, Kiev region

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The working design was developed in accordance with the existing norms, rules and guests on the basis of: - technical specifications No. 2023-21 of 24.10.2007 issued by Kyivoblgaz OJSC.
The project consists of an explanatory note, and graphic part 4 of the sheet (in Ukrainian).

Project's Content

Name Size
icon _._1.rar
426 KB
icon In.Середи
icon Gidr_ser._tisk.xls
78 KB
icon ZMIST_PZ.doc
119 KB
icon The_PE_50_crane_in_kover_.dwg
166 KB
icon Enclosure_2007.doc
26 KB
icon PZ_Creslenny_Dodatok.dwg
86 KB
icon Explanatory_note_(A4).doc
142 KB
icon Regulator_C_10_in_the_cabinet.dwg
132 KB
icon Volume_Warehouse.doc
39 KB
icon titulka.doc
30 KB
icon YAGA.dwg
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