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Foundation for pump

  • Added: 01.06.2017
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Model and drawing of welded assembly joint "Foundation for pump." It can be used as a task for a course and degree project in the specialty "Welding production." The archive includes an assembly, its parts and an assembly drawing with a specification in the format Compass v15

Project's Content

Name Size
icon fundament_1.rar
246 KB
icon Base
icon Assembly.a3d
59 KB
icon Finished_Drawing_1.cdw
151 KB
icon 1._leaf.m3d
75 KB
icon 2._strip.m3d
47 KB
icon 3._knitsa.m3d
54 KB
icon 4._bracket.m3d
80 KB
icon 5._knitsa.m3d
59 KB
icon 6._strip.m3d
48 KB
icon IMG_0026_.tif
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