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Complex engineering improvement of the territory - design and development of the microdistrict

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Course project. Integrated engineering design of territories.

Project's Content

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Additional information


1. Source Data

2. Design Task

3. Design of road network

4. Layout of the microdistrict

4.1. Calculation of the number of inhabitants in the house

4.2. Determination of the number of inhabitants in the territory

4.3. Sizing Sites for a Building Group


Sports ground

Adult Recreation Ground

Parking lot for permanent storage of cars

Parking for temporary storage of vehicles

Landscaping area

5. Vertical layout

5.1. Defining Driveways Slopes

6. High-rise binding of buildings

7. Storm sewer calculation

8. Site improvement

9. List of literature

1. Source Data

The construction site is the city of Kazan.

The area of ​ ​ the site is 16.64 hectares.

Road-climatic zone - III.

The normative depth of ground freezing is 1.6 m.

Toposbost (TO) - see the course project on "City streets and roads."

The terrain within the section has a height difference at extreme points up to 8.0 m (from 174.5 m to 165.6 m).


- Building area: 1254 m2;

- Parcel size: 1 ha.

Non-Food Store:

- Building area: 455 m2.

Residential buildings:

- brick 10-storey 80-apartment residential building (2 sections)

- large panel 10-storey 240-apartment residential building (4 sections)

- brick 12-storey 180-apartment residential building (1 section)

Equipment for playgrounds and sports areas:

- Gorka (D)

- Carousel (CG)

- Bell-crank (CP)

- Swing (K)

- Game complex (IR)

- Gaming equipment (IO)

- Sandbox (P)

- Sports equipment (CO)

2. Design Task

Task: to develop a project for the development and improvement of the microdistrict.

1) Layout of the microdistrict:

- determine site sizes for building groups;

- place sites, buildings, streets, driveways on the plan;

- Draw a breakdown plan;

-Select the dimensions of all elements, and draw red lines.

2) Vertical layout:

- place the microdistrict on the ground;

- define red and black marks at characteristic points;

- determine the longitudinal slope of the streets.

3) Calculation of storm sewer.

4) Site improvement:

- to develop a project for the improvement of the sites (children's, sports);

- pick up and place the equipment;

- calculate the safety zones of playground playground equipment;

- Develop a parking project;

- determine the quantity of garbage containers.

5) Landscaping:

- to select the composition of plants for landscaping the site.

3. Street network design

Design of local and main streets - see the course project on "City streets and roads."

Access roads with a width of 5.5 m with radii of curves of 6 m with asphalt concrete pavement are designed for houses. Fire ring passages around buildings are provided.

Separate entrances to the school and store were designed.

Pedestrian approaches to buildings are provided for on designed sidewalks with asphalt concrete pavement 1.5 m wide. Pedestrian connections in the microdistrict are organized by paths 1.5 m wide with tile pavement.

4. Layout of the microdistrict

A comprehensive school is located on the territory of the microdistrict. The distance from the school territory to the roadway is taken 25 m.

The distance from the edge of the passage to the wall of the building should be 810 m for buildings over 10 floors. In this area it is not allowed to place fences, overhead power lines and make ordinary planting of trees.

To serve the population, a non-food store with a separate parking lot is located on the territory of the microdistrict.

Site improvement


For children 3-6 years old.

Site equipment: roller coaster, carousel, rocker, swing, game complex and game equipment.

Calculation of equipment safety zones.

Swing 1850x1700

A is the distance from the centerline of the swing to the center of gravity of the seat at an angle of 60 °.

A=0,867∙ (h _ 1h _ 3) =0,867∙ (1850500) = 1182.6 mm, where

h1 - height of swing; h3 - seat suspension height.

B - size depending on the properties of the shock absorbing coating:

B = 2250 mm - for coatings made of loose materials.

Landing area length L = A + B = 1182.6 + 2250 = 3432.6 mm.

Landing area width D = 1750 mm.

The size of the swing landing zone: 1750x6900 mm.

Carousel 1100х1250

The area of ​ ​ the security zone is equal to the landing area. Safety zone width L = 2000 mm.

Slide 4700x1800x1800 mm.

Impact absorbing coating is equipped along the entire area of the roller coaster landing.

Landing area width b 1000 mm.

The radius of the landing zone is R 1500 mm.

The length of the landing zone in the final section of the slide is l 2000 mm.

Rocking chair 2100х440

The width of the landing zone along the perimeter of the rocker is 1000 mm.

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