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Yahonty boarding house, restaurant - Automatic fire alarm installation

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Implemented working design of fire alarm and warning

Project's Content

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1. General part

2. List and characteristics of protected premises

3. Main technical solutions adopted in the project

4. Equipment Placement Solutions

5. Purpose and operation of the automatic fire detection unit

6. Power supply

7. Grounding

8. Professional and qualification composition of persons working at the facility for maintenance and operation of the automatic fire alarm system

9. Health and safety measures

10. Maintenance and maintenance of automatic fire alarm unit

Common part.

The working design of automatic fire alarm of the canteen premises located at the address: Moscow Region, Noginsk District, Kovershi, Yakhonty boarding house, restaurant, was developed on the basis of the contract and in accordance with the design specification issued by the Customer. When developing the project, the requirements of the following regulatory documents are taken into account:

NPB 7798 Technical means of warning and evacuation control firefighters. General technical requirements. Test methods

NPB 882001 * Fire fighting and alarm units. Design Codes and Regulations

NPB 10395 Trade pavilions and kiosks. Fire protection requirements

NPB 10403 Warning and management systems for evacuation of people in case of fires in buildings and structures

NPB 10503 Definition of categories of rooms, buildings and outdoor installations by explosion and fire hazard

SNiP 2.08.0289 * Public buildings and structures

SNiP 3.05.0685 Electrical devices

MGSN 4.1397 Retailers

PUE Electrical Installation Rules

RD 0090196 Fire Automation Units. Technical Content Rules

RD 0090296 Fire Automation Units. Maintenance and preventive maintenance

GOST * SSBT. Electrical products. General Safety Requirements

2. List and characteristics of protected premises.

The hotel premises shall be protected by automatic fire alarm installation. The object has the following characteristics:

The storey of the building is 4 floors (including basement and attic floors);

The bearing walls of the building are reinforced concrete, brick;

partitions - brick;

intermediate - reinforced concrete floors;

finishing of walls and partitions - non-burning;

height of rooms - up to 3.5 m;

for ceiling space - up to 0.4 m (1st, 2nd floor), up to 6.0 (attic floor);

Purpose of premises: dining rooms, warehouses (products), cooking rooms, locker rooms, corridors, hall;

Plenum ventilation of rooms;

Room temperature + 20С °;

Relative air humidity - up to 60%;

The main sign of fire at the initial stage in all protected rooms is smoke.

Equipment Placement Solutions.

The controller of the security sector, the repiter are placed in the basement room. Subscriber units are distributed over the object .

The duty personnel room has the following characteristics:

It has an exit through the corridor (the total length of the evacuation route is less than 25 m);

Air temperature in the fire station room from 18 to 25 ° С;

Relative air humidity - not more than 80%;

Telephone communication is provided.

Units of the APS system (security sectors, repiter) are attached to the wall at a height of 0.8 m to 1.5 m from the floor.

The distance between the blocks and the ceiling of burned materials shall be not less than 1.0 m.

Do not install devices closer than 1 m from heating system components. Measures should be taken to protect devices from direct sunlight.

5. Purpose and operation of the automatic fire detection unit.

To effectively detect a fire in protected premises, an automatic fire detection installation is used.

To send a signal about a fire in case of its visual detection, it is provided to place manual fire detectors of the IPR3SU type on the escape routes, at the exits.

The status of the detectors is processed by the security sector controller.

In the initial stage of the fire, under the influence of smoke, the corresponding fire detector is triggered. The detector response signal is transmitted via wire links to the subscriber side and then via the RS485 interface, the signal is transmitted to the security sector controller. When the device is set to "FIRE" mode, relay outputs of subscriber units generate signals to start EMSS.

The loop configuration is radial. The following peripherals are included in the loops:

1) smoke fire detectors of type IP2donbass 5;

2) manual fire detectors of IPR3SU type.

Fire and malfunction signals are transmitted to the panel, which is installed in the duty room.

The system provides continuous monitoring of alarm loops serviceability.

Alarm loops with fire detectors are formed in accordance with the requirements for subscriber units. Signal reception from fire detectors is performed by means of control of current value in circuits of alarm loops.

6. Power supply.

Automatic fire alarm installations in terms of ensuring the reliability of power supply are classified as electrical receivers of the 1st category in accordance with the Rules for the device of electrical installations. Therefore, the power supply of the plants must be carried out from two independent AC sources with a voltage of 220 V, with a frequency of 50 Hz, at least 0.5 KW each, or from one AC source with automatic switching in emergency mode to backup power from the batteries (which provides operation of the plant in standby mode for 24 hours and in emergency mode for 3 hours).

To implement the above requirements, it is envisaged to use a backup power side with accumulator batteries (BBP77/12, 2 pcs.).

Protection of electrical circuits of automatic fire extinguishing units and fire alarm system shall be performed in accordance with PUE.

Thermal and maximum protection device is not allowed in control circuits of automatic fire extinguishing units, disconnection of which can lead to failure of fire extinguishing agent supply to the fire source.

Supply of ~ 220V 50 Hz mains for power supply to CSR and BBP is performed by the customer.

7. Grounding

To ensure the safety of people, all electrical equipment of fire alarm units must be reliably grounded in accordance with the requirements of PUE, SNiP 3.05.06, GOST 12.1.030 and technical documentation of the equipment manufacturer. Installation of grounding devices shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of "Instructions for implementation of the grounding network in electrical installations" - MN 10276 and with technical documentation for these installations and comply with GOST *.

Water pipelines laid in the ground, metal structures of the building, which are in contact with the ground, lead shells of cables laid in the ground can be used as natural grounding elements. In the circuit of grounding and zero protective conductors there shall be no disconnecting devices and fuses. Grounding conductors are laid directly along the walls. The grounding conductors shall be laid at the points of passage through the wall and shall be covered, as a rule, with their direct sealing. Conductors shall not have connections or branches at these locations.

Connection of grounding and zero protective conductors to parts of electrical equipment shall be made by welding or bolting.

8. Professional and qualification composition of persons working at the facility for maintenance and operation of the automatic fire alarm system.

The personnel number standards take into account the performance of maintenance, and scheduled maintenance of fire alarm systems by the enterprise, the organization operating these plants.

Maintenance and maintenance of fire alarm units are carried out by communication terminals.

The number of communication mounts for maintenance and maintenance of fire alarm units takes into account the necessary time for all the components of the units, including the plumes of the APS.

Execution of the specified types of maintenance and repair works of the designed automatic fire alarm unit in order to ensure its reliable and trouble-free operation at the facility

Communication monter of the 5th category - 1 person.

The calculation was made according to RTM 25.48882 of the USSR Ministry of Environment.

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