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Water supply project and sewerage of a 5-storey residential building

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The course project of ASG, Water supply and drainage, course project,, Water supply and sewerage of a residential building of 5 storeys. The graphic part contains 1 sheet of A1 format. The sheet contains: a typical floor plan, a basement plan, an axonometric diagram of the internal water supply system B1, an axonometric diagram of the water disposal system K1, a general plan, a profile of the yard sewage network. Explanatory note contains: full calculation of water supply and calculation of water disposal.

Project's Content

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Additional information



1. Internal water supply

1.1. Description of the internal water supply system and diagram

1.2. Check of the guarantee head of the building

1.3. Internal Network Design

1.4. Enter. Location of water metering unit

1.5. Design of in-quarter water supply and sewerage networks

1.6. To Construct an Axonometric Diagram

1.7. Hydraulic calculation of internal water supply systems

1.8. Determination of estimated costs

1.9. Water flow measuring device

1.10. Calculation of required head at input

2. Internal sewer

2.1. Description of internal sewage system

2.2. Design of internal, yard and storm sewage networks

2.3. Determination of estimated effluent flow rates

2.4. Hydraulic calculation of internal sewage systems

2.4.1. Hydraulic calculation of internal networks

2.4.2. Hydraulic calculation and construction of the yard sewer profile

Appendix 1. Material and Equipment Specification

List of used literature

Project Description

Design Input

Variant No. 3

Floor height (from floor to floor) - 3 m.

The basement height (from the basement floor to the ground floor) is 1.2 m.

Number of floors - 6

Guarantee pressure in the city water supply network - 0.34 MPa

Piping material of internal piping system - polyethylene

Absolute elevation of the ground surface of the building - 108

Absolute floor elevation 1 floor - 109

Ground freezing depth is 1.6 m.

Absolute elevation of the top of the city water supply pipe - 105.5

Absolute elevation of the GK tray of the city sewerage system - 104.7

Distance L1 = 14 m.

Distance L1 = 23 m.

The diameter of the pipe of the city water supply is 200 mm.

The diameter of the city sewage pipe is 200 mm.

Water supply system

Cold Water Internal Water Supply Networks

The choice of the internal water supply system depends on the purpose of the building, its storey, sanitary and hygienic conditions and fire safety requirements, the value of the minimum guaranteed head in the external pipeline.

The depth of the injection pipelines depends on the depth of the external water supply networks and should exceed the freezing depth of the soil by at least 0.5 meters.

In order to be able to empty the inlet, it is arranged with a slope of 0.0020.005 towards the connection to the city water supply. At the point of connection of the inlet to the city water supply, an inspection well is arranged and a valve (up to 40 mm inclusive) or a gate valve is installed at the inlet.

At the point of connection of the inlet to the external network, at a distance not further than 6 meters from the point of tie-in, a disconnecting gate valve is installed.

The water metering unit shall be installed immediately (not further than 1.52.0 m.) behind the external wall of the building in an illuminated, accessible, heated (temperature not lower than 5 ° C) room.

Apartment wiring with open gasket should be placed at a height of 0.30.4 m from the floor.

Brief description of the yard sewage scheme

According to SNiP, the yard (intra-quarter) sewage network discharges waste water to the external (city) sewage system.

Sewage outlets are connected to the inspection wells of the palace sewerage system. The yard sewage route is laid parallel to the building at a distance of at least 3 m for solid soils.

Yard sewerage starts from the first (downstream) well and approaches the street header in the shortest way with the calculated depth of pipe laying.

Inspection wells are arranged at the points of connection of outlets from the building, changes in the slope or diameter of pipes, as well as in straight sections after 35 m with a pipe diameter of up to 150 mm. At a distance of not more than 2 meters from the red building line (site boundaries) to the connection of the city sewage network, a control well is arranged. They arrange a difference in the level of waste liquid for the subsequent smooth flow of it into the street network.

Drawings content

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