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Video surveillance project of 5-storey dormitory

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Additional information


General data. Contents

Main Kit Work Drawing List 05/02-CC

List of referenced and attached documents

List of main sets of SS grade working drawings

General Instructions

General Data

Connection Table

Structural diagram of TSN network

TSN network plan on the 1st floor

TSN network plan on 3rd floor

TSN network plan on the 4th floor

TSN network plan on the 5th floor

1st Floor Doorphone Network Plan

Connection diagram of TSN equipment

Television surveillance system

The project provides for the installation of a digital television surveillance system (TSN), which is more reliable and has greater functionality compared to analog systems.

The designed TSN provides:

- high quality of recorded and reproduced images.

- display of video information from 16 television cameras on the computer monitor in simultaneous display modes of 1,4,9 or 16 cameras;

- manual and automatic scrolling of images from cameras;

General Instructions

- automatic and manual adjustment of brightness and contrast of the image for each measure;

- monitoring of signal loss from the camera;

- possibility of video image output to additional video monitors (up to 4 video monitors);

- simultaneous recording and playback of video;

- instant search of videos by channel number, date and time;

recording video data on internal disk drives on the principle of tape closed in a ring, when the current video data replaces the oldest, which eliminates the possibility of overflow of disk space and does not require manual replacement of drives;

- filtering of small-scale static information, which allows to reduce the used resources of video storage memory;

- automatic switching of alarm video channel to operator monitor.

Internal TV cameras (TC) of VSM731 type are located in controlled areas - corridors and halls, installed on walls on standard brackets and adjusted to ensure compliance with requirements for viewing the observed area.

The project provides for the installation of two television cameras in each corridor and hall on 3, 4, 5 floors and hall of the 1st floor, which provides the following tasks:

- monitoring of all persons leaving the hallway and the hall from hotel rooms;

-control all persons entering the corridor and hall through the entrance doors from the staircases.

External television cameras of VSP731 type are installed on the walls on the standard brackets and adjusted to ensure compliance with the requirements for viewing the observed area in the area of ​ ​ the front door, respectively, of the main and spare entrances.

Power supplies of TV cameras are placed in special boards ShchBP8.

Special lightning protection devices are provided for outdoor television cameras.

In the security room on the ground floor of the building, video surveillance equipment is installed consisting of:

- Pentium4 computer with monitor and hard drives for digital video archive (total capacity 600 GB);

- image input board "Contrast6";

- switching unit of 16 cameras with "Contrast6" board.

According to the Customer's decision, it is possible to install two additional video monitors, one for outputting multicartine from all cameras and the second for outputting images from the alarm camera.

Video surveillance equipment in the security room is installed in accordance with the requirements for sanitary standards, design and ensuring convenient operation with this equipment. The minimum observation distance is chosen for reasons of operator safety (reducing the effect of radiation from monitors). It is approximately five diagonals of the monitor screen. Recommended observation distance is 2.53.5 meters.

Video intercom

To provide visitor surveillance, space control in front of the entrance doors of the main and spare entrances and authorized access to the building, the project provides for the installation of a video intercom system in the configuration of two intercom devices each with an IR-illuminated video camera of the CP1B1 type and one video monitor with a subscriber console for two cameras of the MC402S type .

General Instructions

When the visitor presses a button on one of the call blocks, the visitor image appears on the video monitor and the melodic sound of the call is heard. The signal to open the door to the visitor is supplied from the button located on the monitor.

Call units have anti-vandal design (metal plate with call button and LED indicator). Call units and locks are installed on the external doors of the main and spare entrances. Direct ingress of rain and snow on the call unit is not allowed.

An electrical outlet must be installed to connect the power supply to the 220V mains.

A video monitor with a subscriber console is installed in the security room on the ground floor .

Cable wiring

TSN and videophone cables are laid:

- in corridors behind suspended ceilings along walls with clamps attached;

- in the security room in PVC boxes;

- between floors in risers - metal cable ducts;

- on the outer wall - in metal jackets;

- passages through walls - in steel water and gas pipe.

Power cables of power supply units of television cameras are laid separately from coaxial cables of video signals transmission.

Power supply

Power supply of TSN equipment and video camera is provided from free groups of on-call lighting boards.

To connect TSN equipment installed in the security room to the 220V, 50 Hz network, it is planned to install European electrical outlets located next to the connected equipment.

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