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TRASSIR Video Surveillance System Project

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Object: Educational building of the institute. Project developer: LLC Tyumenpromsvyazmontazh. Year of project release: 2012. Systems: Video surveillance

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1 general provisions

This design documentation of the television surveillance system has been developed for the facility on the basis of a unified technical concept for the construction of safety systems in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents to the extent necessary for normal operation and based on the layouts provided by the Customer.

The project takes into account requirements for functional connections, convenience of equipment operation and preventive repairs, compliance with safety, fire safety and industrial sanitation requirements.

2 video surveillance system

2.1 Purpose of video surveillance system.

2.1.1. HV is designed for round-the-clock, continuous work and ensuring control over the perimeter of the facility from the side of alienated territories, the internal territory of the facility, as well as a number of office premises.

2.1.2. HV provides digital video recording of images received from all IC of the system in real time;

2.1.3. HV generates video archive with duration of at least 3 days

2.1.4. Connecting to the internal Ethernet network allows you to remotely view the video archive and recorded images of all cameras of the system using remote computers (URM) at the security station. The project provides for the creation of one URM.

2.1.5. Access to HV information is protected by passwords.

2.2. The video surveillance system equipment is divided into station and peripheral.

2.2.1. The plant equipment includes:

Teacher's college building (room of server) Sh-0 case:

• video server "Trassir Optima" LLC "DSSL" (in the amount of 1 pc.) video surveillance system based on the software core "Trassir";

• Uninterruptible power supply, APC SmartUPS, 2700 Watts/3000 VA, Input 230V/Output 230V, Interface Port DB9 RS-232, SmartSlot, USB, 2U "SUA3000I" (APC);

2.2.2. Peripheral equipment includes:

• 14 dome video cameras of internal models "Di149HVRX" (J2000);

• 9 P4230HVRX (J2000) street cameras on brackets;

A video server (Trassir) is installed in the server room on the basement.

2.3 Disk capacity is calculated using a calculator located on the TRASSIR system manufacturer's website (DSSL) - http://www.dssl.ru/support/trassircalc.php

The arrangement of video cameras is indicated on the network plans of the system (sheets No. 912).

The system consists of the following subsystems:

• subsystem of external video cameras (NVK);

• subsystem of internal IC chambers;

• main video server in the server room;

• HV power supply subsystem;

• system of line-cable structures of the video signal and power supply network;

• Remote workstation subsystem.

The structure of the video surveillance system is shown in the drawings (sheet 3).

Subsystem of external VC.

Composition of external VC subsystem

Subsystem composition:

• 9 pcs. - street video camera in the thermocouple;

• 9 pcs. - sealed box.

Power supply of external VC subsystem.

Power supply of video cameras is provided from power supplies of IVEPR 1252 (in accordance with Power Supply Diagram of HV equipment) installed in the server room.

Lines of power supply of the camera and thermocasing and also transfer of video signal it is carried out by a "KBKB3" cable.

Power the video server to uninterrupted from UPS.

Internal VC subsystem.

Composition of internal IC subsystem

Subsystem composition:

14 pcs. - internal domed video camera

Power supply of internal VC subsystem.

Power supply of video cameras is provided from power supplies of IVEPR 1252 (in accordance with Power Supply Diagram of HV equipment) installed in the server room.

Lines of power supply of the camera and also transfer of video signal it is carried out by a "KBKB3" cable.

3 operation of the HP system

3.1 All video cameras are powered from power supply sources of IVEPR 1252 from the premises of the server object in accordance with the Power Supply Diagram of the HV equipment.

3.2 Trassir Optima Video Server.

3.2.1 Application

Offices, hotels, warehouses and offices, trading and waiting rooms, production shops of enterprises, schools and cultural institutions.

3.2.2 Task

General video surveillance of the area or premises. Video surveillance at objects with a slowly changing environment. Budget video surveillance and recording systems. Not required for recording speed, but important objects that require video recording in sync with audio recording.

3.2.3 Additional Benefits

• Synchronous audio recording.

• 10 Bit digitization.

• Inexpensive alternative to systems with hardware processing of a signal of TRASSIR™ Silen.

3.2.4 Brief Specification

48 composite video inputs; a write rate of up to 12 frames per second at 704x288 or 6 frames at 704x576 (full frame D1) per channel; frame size - 5-50 KB for MJPEG compression or 315 KB for MPEG4 compression; connection to the computer via PCI (2-channel card) and PCIe x1 for the 16-channel card; Techwell 10bit digitization; systems of up to 48 video cameras are delivered in one video recorder; synchronous audio recording and network operation.

3.2.5 Decision on the basis of TRASSIR™ Optima

TRASSIR™ Optima is the intermediate system of video registration between TRASSIR™ Basic and TRASSIR™ Maxima. With an increased display and recording speed of 12 frames per second for each of the channels (maximum 32) and an affordable price, this solution is more priority compared to small-frame Basic, since its scope is much wider. For example, you can take an industrial enterprise: in addition to warehouse, office and office premises, where it is enough to ensure a recording speed of 3-6 frames per second, there are production shops, a loading and unloading workshop, a passage and a perimeter of the enterprise. The recording speed of the digital video surveillance system in such places should be significantly higher. In the conditions of such diverse tasks it is difficult to make a choice between TRASSIR™ Basic and TRASSIR™ Maxima. The TRASSIR™ Optima system just is also intended for similar cases.

Also, as well as in the TRASSIR™ Maxima and Basic systems, in a set of TRASSIR™ Optima two types of payments can be delivered: 2 and 16 channels. Systems are not delivered with a number of channels not multiple of 2. Both boards are implemented on modern Techwell 10bit chips, using all modern achievements in the field of video processing and digitization:

• digitizing 10 bits (1024 gradations);

• adaptive filters for separation of color and brightness components;

• Two-dimensional enhancement of the digitized image;

• Fully digital video capture and enhancement processing.

The boards have BNC or Dsub slots (paddle to BNC included) for composite video inputs and are fully compatible with PCI 2.2 or PCIe x1 standards. Write to archive and display at resolution up to 704x576 depending on user settings.

TW4.1 board - 4 channels of multiplexed or 1 channel of real-time video, one channel of audio recording. PCI 2.2, 4 BNC interface for video, 1 RCA for audio.

TW32.8 board - 32 channels of multiplexed or 8 channels of real-time video, 8 channels of audio recording. PCIe x1 66 MHz interface, 16/32 BNC video connector (via paddle), 4/8 BNC audio connector (via paddle). Adapters are supplied in the package.

3.3 Transmission of video signal

Video signals from video cameras are supplied to video card inputs in Trassir server and are transmitted via local area network to RMD. The system consists of PC and software "Trassir" (software core of video subsystem). The video surveillance system is controlled using the on-screen interface of the software kernel (mouse control).

The system is configured to provide a video image on a video surveillance server screen at a total rate of 1225 frames/s per channel. The configuration allows you to process up to 48 CCTV cameras on a 1 video server.

Trassir-Based Video Surveillance Benefits

1. Distribution

View video from objects of any distance when there are data channels.

2. Built-in intelligence

Part of the intelligent video processing functions is now embedded in the video camera. For example, multi-zone video detectors.

3. Reliability

The functions of storing video information are simply duplicated, for example, recording can be performed in parallel on two recorders and this does not require splitters. Any recording and viewing functions can be transferred at any time to other PCMs within the LAN.

4. Possibility of information transmission via radio channel

The market offers tested and widely used wireless data technologies. WiFi Thus, transmitting a video image over a radio channel is no longer a problem.

3.3 Location of HV equipment

3.3.1 The HV video server and power supplies are installed in the server premises.

3.3.2 At the facility security station, a remote PC SS workstation from the HV set is installed: PC, monitor "S20B370N" TFT 20 "(" Samsung "), uninterrupted power supply equipment of the Back Office 400 (" Ippon ").

4 requirements for laying of cable communication lines

4.1. Cable communication lines shall be laid in accordance with the safety system layout schemes agreed by the parties, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the standards in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.

4.2. Cable communication lines shall be laid taking into account the following requirements:

- VSN60081 - Installation instructions for communication, broadcasting and television facilities and devices;

- RD 78.14595 (Part 1, Part 2) - Manual to the guidance document "Systems and complexes of security, fire and fire alarm. Rules of Work Execution and Acceptance ";

- SNIP 3.05. 06 85 - Electrical devices;

- PEU86 - Electrical Installation Rules;

- ISO 11801 - Information Technology. Generic cabling for customer premises

4.3. In addition to the main marking, the letter "c" is placed on each cable, indicating that the cable belongs to the video surveillance subsystem.

4.4. Cables and connection equipment used shall comply with ISO 11801, art. 8 and 9.

4.5. Trunk cables shall not have more than two hierarchical levels of sneaking.

4.6. Connection equipment shall operate in the temperature range of 10... + 60 ° С. It is protected from direct exposure to moisture and other corrosive effects by installation indoors or in suitable protective casings (boxes, cabinets). Connectors shall be mounted on walls, walls, racks, etc. The switching cords and jumpers shall comply with the length limits as per item 4.5.

4.7. All elements shall be marked and registered, all changes shall be reflected in the documentation. An electronic form for maintaining administrative documents is recommended. All cable system components and cable routing shall be identifiable. Each cable, distributor and termination point must have its own identifier. Each cable must be marked at both ends. The documentation for the cable system shall contain layout diagrams of cable routes, sockets and distributors with designated identifiers. References to line test results shall also be stored in the documentation. The documentation shall correspond to the current state of the cabling system.

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