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Vibrotable galvanic VGL-80

  • Added: 23.11.2022
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Galley vibratory table is designed for cleaning small and medium castings and is used in workshops of mass, serial and small-scale production. Cleaning of the casting takes place during its movement of material in the tank, during which the castings are removed and rubbed against each other. Galvanizing vibrating tables are used for grinding and polishing parts, cleaning parts from contaminants, removing scales and obloy after casting parts, etc.

Vibrotable galvanic VGL-80

LxWxH 700х935х440

weight 68kg

Brand of vibrator IV-99

Project's Content

icon 221014-01.000.00_Вибростол.SLDASM
icon 221014-01.000.00_Вибростол.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.00_Ванна(Проработка).SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.00_Ванна.SLDASM
icon 221014-01.010.00_Ванна.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.01_Основание.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.01_Основание.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.02_Стенка.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.02_Стенка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.03_Дно.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.03_Дно.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.04_Стенка.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.04_Стенка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.05_Стенка.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.05_Стенка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.06_Ребро.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.06_Ребро.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.07_Профиль.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.07_Профиль.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.08_Профиль.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.010.08_Профиль.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.010.09_Ребро.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.011.00_Крышка.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.011.00_Крышка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.020.00_Тумба.SLDASM
icon 221014-01.020.00_Тумба.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.020.01_Рамка.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.020.01_Рамка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.020.02_Ножка.SLDDRW
icon 221014-01.020.02_Ножка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01.020.03_Косынка.SLDPRT
icon 221014-01_Рендер1.jpg
icon Hex Bolt 7798_1gost.SLDPRT
icon Hex Nut 15526_gost.SLDPRT
icon Nut 3032_gost.SLDPRT
icon Washer 11371_gost.SLDPRT
icon Washer 6402_3_gost.SLDPRT
icon Виброизолятор пружинный.SLDPRT
icon Вибромотор ИВ-99.SLDPRT
icon Описание.txt
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