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Two-storey single apartment building with 6-room apartment

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Additional information


1. Source Data

2. Space-planning solution with a list of rooms by floors,

indication of areas and calculation of technical and economic indicators

3. Architecturally constructive solution

4. Exterior decoration

5. Interior decoration

6. Fire fighting measures

7. Environmental protection

8. Heat Engineering Calculation of External Walls

7. List of literature

Source data.

Two-story single apartment building with a 6-room apartment in two levels for complex families, located in Donetsk. Therefore, the area is located in the dry climatic zone of humidity - operating conditions A. The house is connected to the water pipeline, gas pipeline, sewage, power supply and communication lines (telephone line, cable television).

Structural diagram of the supporting frame - a building with longitudinally and transversely bearing walls; II degree of durability (with a service life of at least 50 years), III degree of fire resistance.

The operating mode of the building is normal, heated. Ground freezing depth - 1 m, humidity zone - 3.


Tape monolithic boot foundation is arranged for all bearing walls. The width of the foundation is 600mm. The depth of ground freezing is accepted according to SNiP 2.01.0182 and is 1 m. Under the foundation pad, a concrete preparation with a thickness of 100mm is arranged. Waterproofing is arranged to protect against groundwater. The vertical layer of waterproofing is carried out by double coating of the walls adjacent to the ground with bitumen mastic, and horizontal waterproofing is carried out with cement mortar.


The walls are light concrete - bearing parts of small blocks and the heat-insulating part of the mineralovate panels. Thus, the wall thickness is 400 mm. The solution is made on Portland cement. The exterior of the wall is set by decorative texture due to the plaster layer.

The base of the walls is made of concrete with facing with decorative stone.


The total thickness of the slab is 300 mm. Interstage floors - unburned, made according to processed chimes. mortar to wooden beams after 6501100 mm. As wooden beams we use brands BD5 (100x200) 1200 and 4800 mm long. We install a panel roll, on which we lay insulation and heat insulation.

Attic ceilings are arranged in a similar way to intercoating with the difference that heat insulation is laid instead of sound insulation. Steam insulation is carried out on the slab roll under a layer of heat insulation from one layer of perhamine or ruberoid with careful sizing of seams.


Inter-room partitions 120 mm thick, made of brick. Inter-room partitions have increased sound insulation. Partitions enclosing kitchens have increased moisture resistance and hygienic finish of surfaces. In places of resting on the floor, there is no need for specially arranged brick columns. Partitions are not brought to the floor panel by 30 mm.


The staircase is made according to wooden cosors. Stair dimensions are determined by calculation. The width of the flight of stairs is 1100 mm. Stage height 200 mm, width 300 mm. The number of steps is 16. The ladder is safe when walking, sturdy meets sanitary and hygienic and fire safety requirements.

Roof and roof. Drainage.

Roof type: non-operational, two-pitched simple shape with wooden structural elements - bar rafters (120x180). The height of the roof (+ 7.950) is determined by the required slope of the roof, the dimensions of the rafters supporting the roof. The roof is rolled, effectively provides protection against moisture.

The drainage is unorganized, external.

Roof material: rafter leg 120 × 180; grating 50 × 50 through 250mm, roof slope 1/5 for installation of asbestos cement wavy sheets.


Window sizes are assigned in accordance with the normative requirements of natural illumination, saving one-time and operating costs. The area of ​ ​ windows of residential rooms and kitchens is 1/10 of the floor area. The window openings of the designed building are filled with wooden window blocks with double glazing. Glass is usually 4 mm thick. In the designed house, all windows have a vertical suspension.


Door openings are provided in inner walls and partitions. The opening direction of the doors is chosen so that they do not interfere with each other and towards the exit from the room (according to fire safety). The structure of the door consists of a box and a sash part - a door canvas hung on hinges on the box. The structure of the wooden canvas is shield. It consists of a contoured wooden frame with various fills - wooden racks, plywood, hard or insulating wood fiber slab. Front surface of door canvas is glued with veneer of valuable wood. For entrance doors, boards with solid filling with wooden racks are used.

Exterior decoration

External finishing of the building is designed for plaster on cement sand mortar. External plaster meets all technical parameters, it protects the wall from ingress of moisture, water, and also protects against external influences

Interior decoration.

The interior decoration of the building is designed according to the nature of the room:

In the entrance hall, the walls are glued with wallpaper. Ceiling is made of gypsum board sheets with thickness of 0.8 on stainless profile

In the bedrooms on the ground floor there are the following finishing materials: walls - vinyl wallpaper of light tone, ceiling made of gypsum board,

The living room provides for use on the floor - parquet, the walls are glued with wallpaper .

The kitchen provides for the use of ceramic tiles for walls, the ceiling is covered with high-heat-resistant plastic ,

All toilets and baths are tiled on walls and floors, the ceiling is covered with high-heat-resistant plastic.

Fire fighting measures

Wooden structures are treated with flame retardants.

Environmental protection.

At the designed site, trees and shrubs are planned to be planted.

Also, two-time garbage collection a week from the entire street by the public service.

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