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Two-story four-room single apartment building

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The project of the building "Two-story four-room single-apartment residential building" was developed.

Construction point - Saratov.

Climatic zone - Sh-in

The average air temperature of the coldest five-day period is (- 27 ° С).

Freezing depth - 1.5 m

Geological conditions.

The vegetation layer is 0.4 m.

Soup - Ro = 0.18 mPa; power 0.9 m.

Clay - Ro = 0.22 mPa; capacity more than 4 m.

Groundwater level not detected.

Basic constructions.

The walls are made of clay brick with an internal effective insulation from mineral wool.

Floor - of reinforced concrete panels.

Partitions - brick and plaster boards.

The roof is made of steel galvanized sheets.

Project's Content

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Additional information

Drawings content

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