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The layout and development of the city, the layout of the city in the settlement system - the master plan of the city, the transverse profiles of the main streets, TEP, the balance of the city.

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Course project. Drawing, Explanatory Note

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The microdistrict is the primary link of the residential district - the main structural unit of the settlement territory. It is designed as a complex isolated from the main urban traffic, with full everyday household services, where the most healthy and convenient living conditions are created for the population. The appearance of microdistricts is explained by the fact that with the growth of automobile traffic, the car very soon began to cause concern to the resident, worsened the sanitary and hygienic conditions (noise, air pollution by exhaust gases) of the city, caused injuries in street traffic.

The placement of residential buildings in microdistricts, larger in area than ordinary residential quarters, made it possible to isolate residential buildings from street traffic.

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