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Security and fire alarm project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs building

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The design of the security and fire alarm of the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation contains drawings of the OPS of 3 floors of the administrative building, garages, a functional diagram, an explanatory note, a specification, an operating manual for the OPS

Project's Content

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Additional information

Fire alarm system composition

The automatic fire alarm system includes:

Central "VERS-24PK" instrument

Light indicators "Output" annunciator

Light-and-sound annunciators "Shmel12," "Biya-C3"

Smoke detectors "IP 212-46"

Heat detectors "IP 103"

Fire detectors "IPR 514-2"

Operation of automatic fire alarm in standby mode

2.1. On the central PPKP "VERS24PK" red light "NET" and "12 volts" glow without flashing. (NETWORK indicator is OFF when mains power is turned off).

2.2. Light indicators, by the number of protected areas, shine green without flashing.

2.3. Built-in, remote sounders are silent.

2.4. When "VERS" devices are disconnected from the "220 volt" mains power supply, the built-in light indicator starts flashing at a frequency of 2 Hz and automatically switches to the built-in redundant power supplies of 12 volts.

2.5. Remote sounders, in the controlled loop area, are silent.

2.6. "EXIT" annunciator is not illuminated.

2.7. At the end of the loop, each protected area, a heat fire detector IP 103 with a built-in light indicator of the loop state is installed. The built-in light flashes red, which means that the loop of this direction is in good condition.

2.8. The key on the IPR 5142 detectors is raised.

Operation of fire automatic alarm in "FIRE" mode

3.1. Remote sounders are turned on.

3.2. Suspension of "EXIT" annunciator is ON.

3.3. Built-in and remote sound annunciators are activated on "VERS24PK" central PSTP.

3.4. The active direction light starts flashing red.

3.5. Operation of fire detectors in "FIRE" mode:

3.5.1. The light indicator of the smoke detector IP 21246 lights up in red.

3.5.2. The heat detector fire IP 103 forms the state of the loop "BREAK."

3.5.3. The light indicator of the thermal detector IP 103 does not illuminate. Detector generates "CLOSED" loop state

3.5.4. At the detector of the fire manual IPR 5142, the key is lowered down.

Action of duty personnel in case of fire automatic alarm in "FIRE" mode

4.1. Make sure that ignition occurs in the triggered direction.

4.2. In case of fire or heavy smoke, call the rescue service of the Ministry of Emergencies by phone "01" and make appropriate entries in the operational log.

4.3. If there is no fire or smoke, return the object PPKP to "Standby" mode.

Actions of duty personnel in case of false fire automatic alarm

5.1. Make sure that there is no fire or smoke in the triggered direction.

5.2. Set the object instrument to OFF for up to two minutes.

5.3. Set the object device to "Standby" mode.

5.4. In case of repeated actuation, make sure that there are no ignition and smoke centers in the activated direction. In the absence of fire, make entries in the operational log and call a specialized commissioning organization.

5.5. Upon completion of operations (or after para 5.3.), unlock the central PPKP "VERS24PK" with wrench and, by double pressing of actuated direction button, set the PPKP to "Standby" mode. Then lock PPKP with the key.

Additional requirements

6.1. Replace redundant power supplies and stand-alone batteries at least once a year.

6.2. Overhaul at least once every three years.

6.3. Maintenance as faults occur.

6.4. Manual detectors and personnel actions shall be instructed in case of fire alarm system operation with detailed examination of evacuation plans.

6.5. When performing gas-electric welding works in rooms equipped with fire automatic alarm, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements of the existing NPB.

The order shall appoint responsible persons for fire automatic operation.

Additional requirements

7.1. All actions of the duty and operational personnel when working with the automatic alarm system are recorded in the operational log, with mandatory indication of the date, time, and name of the person or person responsible.

7.2. Smoking in all rooms equipped with fire alarm system is prohibited. (Because tobacco smoke can trigger detectors).

7.3. For normal operation of all systems it is necessary to perform the following scheduled operations:

7.3.1. Periodic inspections at least once a week.

7.3.2. Maintenance and inspection at least once a month.

7.3.3. Replace redundant power supplies and stand-alone batteries at least once a year.

7.3.4. Overhaul at least once every three years.

7.3.5. Maintenance as faults occur

7.4. Manual annunciators and personnel actions in case of fire alarm system operation shall be instructed with detailed study of evacuation plans.

General Data

Working design of fire alarm and audible fire warning in the MWDRA building. "A," "B" of G. Altaysk was made by the West Siberian Training and Consulting Center of the University of Complex Safety and Engineering Systems on the basis of the following documents:

Architectural and construction drawings submitted by the Customer.

Applicable rules and regulations for design.

Technical assignment.

As the basis for the construction of the fire alarm and audible fire warning system, the receiving control device "VERS-24PK" was used.

Heat fire detectors IP 103311, smoke fire detectors IP 21246, manual fire detectors IPR5142, thermal active IP101-1a are used as fire detectors

Sound warning system built into PPKP and light indicators "Exit" with sound indicators "Bumblebee 12" are used as warning means.

As backup power supply for the system operation, the built-in standby power supply of AKB 7.0 a/h 12v is used.

List and characteristics of protected objects

This project is developed in accordance with regulatory and regulatory technical documents:

- RD. 78.14793 "Uniform requirements for technical strengthening and equipment with signalling of protected objects."

- RD. 78.14392 "Regulatory guidance document. Security alarm systems and systems. Elements of technical strengthening of facilities. Design Standards. "

- RD. 78.14593 "Regulatory guidance document. Systems and complexes of security, fire and fire alarm. Design Standards. " Part I.

- RD. 78.14593 "Regulatory guidance document. Systems and complexes of security, fire and fire alarm. Rules for production and acceptance of works. " Part II.

- RD. 78.14693 "Instruction on technical supervision of performance of design and installation works on equipment of facilities by means of security alarm."

- List of security and fire alarm equipment.

- RD. 78. In.0199 "Technical means of security systems of objects. Symbols and schematic graphics of the system.

- NPB 11003 "List of buildings and structures, premises and equipment to be protected by automatic fire extinguishing and detection units."

- NPB 8801 "Fire fighting and alarm systems. Design Codes and Regulations. "

List and characteristics of protected objects

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia is located in the city of G. Altaysk at ul. Communist 40, lit. "A," "B" building is a four-story building. Ceiling height in rooms is not more than 3.5 meters.

All rooms (except bathrooms, ventilation chambers) are equipped with fire alarm equipment.

Main technical solutions adopted in the project

For the construction of the fire alarm system, the PPKP receiving and control fire control device, "VERS24PK," was used.

The fire alarm system includes:

address signal unit (ABS), which transmits information to the BOD from connected fire alarm loops;

smoke fire detector IP 21246, IP 103;

manual fire detector IPR-514-2

sounder for sounder Bumblebee 12;

"OUTPUT" annunciator for light warning system;

Zone status information is displayed on the BOD.

The BOD is installed in the duty room.

Connections between fire detectors are made by wire KSPV 4x0,4 and TRP 2x0,5.

Fire alarm

All rooms are equipped with fire alarm, except for bathrooms, ventilation chambers. At least two fire detectors are installed in each room. Smoke detectors IP 21246 are installed in cabinets and auxiliary rooms, thermal fire detectors IP103, IP 21246 are installed in tambours). Smoke fire detectors IP 21246 are installed in the corridors.

The fire alarm is divided into 17 zones, in each zone no more than 15 rooms.

Manual fire detectors IPR5142 are installed on the escape routes.

To alert people about a fire, a sound warning system and "Exit" light indicators are used.

Alerting system

For fire warning, the sound warning system built into the PPKP device is used. This system is included in the mode of sending alarm signals by command from the control and receiving device, or by maintenance personnel independently of other alarm devices.

When the warning system is turned on, the "Exit" indicators are automatically turned on.

Power supply

Power supply is provided by the Customer. The PSTP device has built-in RIPs that provide continuous operation when the main power supply disappears up to 24 hours in the "normal" mode and up to 3 hours in the "fire" mode.

To power fire detectors and power the warning system, an internal RIP backup power supply is used, ensuring their continuous operation when the main power supply disappears up to 20 hours.

Information on organization of production and maintenance of installation works

Installation works are performed in the following sequence:

preparatory work;

installation of instruments and sensors.

drawing and laying of cables and wires;

Preparatory work includes:

check of integrity and operability of devices and sensors;

preparation of materials and workplaces.

The condition of cables and wires before their laying must be checked by external inspection. The integrity of the insulation of the cores must also be checked.

The periodicity of instrument maintenance shall be in accordance with the technical description for each instrument.

Installation of wiring of fire alarm equipment

Connection of fire alarm loops to thermal, smoke and manual detectors is carried out from fire detectors to PPKP "VERS24PK." Automatic fire alarm loops are laid by wires of TRP 2x0.5, KSPV 4x0.4, KSPV 8x0.4 type, which do not spread combustion and have fire safety certificates. Fire alarm loops in protected rooms shall be laid separately from all power cables, lighting cables and wires. At parallel open gasket the distance between fire alarm loops and power wires shall be not less than 0.5 m.

Installation of the loop is carried out in an open way and laid on vertical and horizontal structures of buildings. All other structures are installed according to NPB 10103 and NPB 8801.

During installation, changes are possible that do not worsen the degree of protection of buildings.

Upon completion of installation, it is recommended to conclude a contract for maintenance of the fire alarm system.

Drawings content

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