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School for 300 students in Orel

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The building is frame-panel with small inserts of brick walls. The arrangement of the frame frames is longitudinal and transverse. Grid columns 6.0x6.0; 6.0x3.0; 6.0x9.0.

The foundation for brick walls is designed from prefabricated reinforced concrete and concrete blocks.

Exterior walls made of wall panels.

The interior walls are brick walls with a thickness of 380 mm made of solid clay bricks. 

The floor slabs are made of B20 concrete with a thickness of 220 mm. 

The stairs inside the building  are made of large-sized reinforced concrete elements of platforms and marches

The coating in the  building is separate, pitched. The slope of the coating is 10%. The truss supporting structures  are inclined. The distance between the posts is 4 and 3 m, the distance between the rafter legs is 1.2 m. 

The roof in the building is made of profiled sheets "Ranilla".

Wooden window blocks with twin bindings of grades OS 17-17 and  OS -15-17 The sashes of the bindings are interconnected by tightening screws.

The doors in the building are made swing single-leaf with  dimensions of 1010x2070, 910x2070, 810 x 2070 mm and double-leaf  1310 x  2070  mm  . 

All walls inside the premises are finished with high-quality plaster and putty, the walls of the bathrooms are lined with ceramic tiles. The decoration of the cabinets consists in water-based painting. The walls of the corridors are painted with enamel paint. The surface of the ceiling is finished with improved adhesive coloring. The bottom of the staircases and platforms is painted with lime mortar.

Exterior decoration includes high-quality plaster of facades with decorative mortar, painting with organosilicon paints.


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