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Reconstruction of warehouse building - IVS, VK

  • Added: 30.08.2014
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Reconstruction of the warehouse building with attic superstructure for the warehouse with addition of the room for the stairwell. Drawings of NPP grade, IC

Project's Content

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icon rekonstrukcii_zdanija_skladaasvk.rar
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icon Renovation_of_the_warehouse_building_for_the_store_with_attic_superstructure
icon Desktop.ini
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icon Copy_of_anti-icing_system.frw
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icon Renovation_of_the_warehouse_building_for_the_store_with_attic_superstructure.bak
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icon Renovation_of_the_warehouse_building_for_the_store_with_attic_superstructure.cdw
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icon Summary_Plan.cdw
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icon IC_drawing.bak
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icon IC_drawing.cdw
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