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Production building of road transport enterprise

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The main production building of ATP complies with sanitary standards, electrical fire safety standards, the room maintains a temperature of 16-18 deg. Celsius, constant circulating air exchange is carried out due to plenum-exhaust ventilation and due to natural ventilation. The case meets the standards for natural and artificial lighting, in terms of noise, dust and gas content. There are locker rooms for personnel, showers, toilets (on the territory of the production building), sinks for washing hands and appropriate special facilities. There is also a relaxation room.

All equipment located in the arsenal of the production building undergoes periodic inspection and certification, about which there are relevant documents and records from the chief engineer for compliance with the declared technological indicators and safety standards. All personnel are admitted to work and have certification, in addition, the chief engineer periodically conducts seminars to improve the level of staff culture, in terms of safety.

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