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Power supply of Kaushta-1 site with automatic actuation of DGP as backup power supply.

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Power supply of Kaushta-1 site with automatic actuation of DGP as backup power supply

Project's Content

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Additional information

Common part.

1.1. This project is developed in accordance with the terms of reference issued by the Customer and the following documents:

- NTPD90 "Norms of technological design of diesel power plants";

- PUE98 "Electrical Installation Rules"

- SNiP 230595 "Natural and artificial lighting";

1.2. The project includes:

- Power supply - category II from KTP 10/0.4 located on the territory of the site and DGP RN275N2. Install RU0.4kV with ALT cabinet in the building. On RU0.4kV install existing cables of distribution networks. Provide power supply for recharging device and DGP coolant heater.


- Communication lines - signaling of ALT and AUPS operation on the panel to the office of the section head.

- Sketched solution of one-story building for DGP.

. External power supply.

3.1. Food of electroinstallation is carried out from TP 1013, in RU04 of kV in the existing PN2 400 to establish PN2 400/315A inserts, from PN2 315A to lay in the earth to the projected VRU2 a cable of VBShv brand 2 (4х70) of mm2. One WBW 4x70mm2 cable is existing, the other is newly laid. The designed cable should be laid in one trench with existing one at a distance of 100mm.

3.2. From TP No. 1013 to the designed extension, lay the WBShV 4x70mm2 cable

in one trench with an existing one. Refer to Sheet 4 of RP 07/090110 POS for cabling plan.

3.3. Cables shall be brought into the building in the PE 100 IPA pipe up to VR2, as per sheet 4.

3.4. Install VR2 with ATS in the extension. VRU2 see sheet 5, ATS supply of Peter Bell Company LLC

4. Work on load transfer to the designed board VR2.

4.1 IP44 switchboard with terminals will be installed in the administrative building near the RPU panel, according to loads, cable grades and sections, VR2 sheet 4 diagram.

4.2. In the existing switchboard, disconnect the load.

4.3. All outgoing lines, according to project No. 11032151 ID sheet 3, shall be disconnected from circuit breakers .

4.4. Refer to VR2 sheet 6 diagram to switch cables from BRU panel of administrative building to the previously installed RP board, refer to loads, cable grades and sections.

4.5. Before VR2 panel lay cables from K1K5 terminals of CB panel. Connect cables to circuit breakers, refer to VR2 diagram, sheet 6.

. Lighting, emergency lighting.

6.1.Work lighting in the room VR2 and DGU 500lk.

6.2. Emergency lighting luminaires are included in the working network, when the voltage disappears, one of the lamps continues to burn from the battery for an hour.

6.3. "Output" light indicators are mounted above the outputs.

7. Grounding, safety precautions.

7.1. At the entrance to the extension, make a grounding device consisting of 11 vertical electrodes with a length of 1.5 m (angle 50x50x5mm) connected by a horizontal grounding conductor (strip 40x4mm).

7.2. The resistance of the grounding device shall not exceed 4 ohms (see PUE para. 1.7.101)

7.3. The grounding device plan is shown on sheet 9, 10.

7.4. The grounding device shall be connected by welding.

7.5. After installation of the device measure the resistance. If necessary, increase the number of vertical electrodes until resistance is not more than

4 Ohm.

7.6. In accordance with item 7.1.87.PUE, perform a potential equalization system at the entrance to the extension by combining the following conductive parts and the GZSH installed on the wall next to VV2:

- main protective conductor;

- main grounding conductor connected to the grounding device;

- steel pipes of the building communications;

- metal parts of building structures;


7.8. Potential leveling is performed for the designed equipment of the annex.

7.9. The extension, where DGP and VR2 are mounted, is lower in height than the adjacent administrative building and therefore lightning protection for this extension is not performed.

Organization of operation.

8.1. Operation of the power supply system should be carried out in accordance with the current regulatory documents. Electrical installations shall be operated by trained electrical personnel.

8.2. To directly perform the duties of organizing the operation of electrical installations, a person responsible for the organization's electrical facilities and his deputy are appointed.

8.3.The investigation and recording of violations in the operation of electrical installations of Consumers shall be carried out in accordance with the established requirements.

9. Organization of construction of cable line 04 kV.

9.1. Prior to commencement of works, the construction site shall be fenced in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

9.2. Designed KL0.4 kV, as a construction object refers to simple objects.

9.3. Before starting construction, it is necessary to mark the route, clear the garbage.

9.4. During earthworks on cable trench construction it is necessary to be guided by Job Instructions.

9.5. The delivery of basic materials, cable, metal rolling for the implementation of grounding devices to the construction site is carried out by road vehicles.

9.6. During the performance of the entire complex of construction and installation works, measures should be taken to organize the safety of the use of mechanisms, lifting machines, vehicles.

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