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Modernization and increase of capacity and degree of processing of raw materials of crushing and sorting complex

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PWP content page PWP familiarization sheet 3 1. Explanatory Note 4 2. Organization of geodetic and laboratory control service 17 3. Diagrams of cargo slinging and storage of materials structures 20 4. Quality assurance of CIW as well as supplied equipment, structures and materials 27 5. Occupational safety measures 30 6. Fire safety 37 7. Environmental protection activities 38 8. List of reference documents 41 9. Organizational and technological schemes 42 of the AS/2014-015.PPR Application the Construction master plan of construction sheet 1 the Planned schedule of construction the sheet 2 Sheet of Amounts of Works the sheet 3 Schedule of Need for Construction Machines and Mechanisms the sheet 4 Schedule of Need for Workers sheet 5 the Graphic materials AS/2014-015.PPR Scheme of the Organization of Works on Installation of a Timbering the sheet 6 Scheme of the Organization of Works on Installation of Fittings the sheet 7 Scheme of the Organization of Works on Concreting the sheet 8 Scheme of the Organization of Works on the Platform Device for installation of the concrete pump the sheet 9 Scheme of a Strapping sheet 10 Liszt of acquaintance with the Party of Pensioners of Russia the Position of a full name No. of the certificate Date Painting

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