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Milling and Drilling Tool Assembly Drawing

  • Added: 16.04.2016
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milling and drilling tool

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Designing a Hole Drilling Tool

1.1 Description of operation of accessory

1.2 Power calculation of accessory

1.3 Calculation of power drive parameters

1.4 Calculation of accessory for accuracy of received dimensions

1.5 Feasibility Study

2. Design of Keyway Milling Tool

2.1 Description of the accessory operation

2.2 Power calculation of accessory

2.3 Calculation of power drive parameters

2.4 Calculation of accessory for accuracy of received dimensions


List of literature used


The construction of the material and technical base of modern society and the need to continuously increase labor productivity based on modern means of production poses very important tasks for engineering. These include improving the quality of machines, reducing their material consumption, labor intensity and cost of production, normalizing and unifying their elements, introducing in-line production methods, its mechanization and automation, as well as reducing the preparation time for the production of new facilities. The solution of these problems is ensured by improving the design of machines, improving the technology of their manufacture, using progressive means and methods of production. Of great importance in improving the production of machines are various kinds of devices.

The use of devices improves the efficiency and accuracy of processing, assembly and control; facilitating working conditions, reducing the number and skills of workers; strict regulation of the duration of operations; expansion of technological capabilities of equipment; improving safety of operation and reducing accident rate.

When developing devices, there is a wide opportunity to take a creative initiative to create structures that ensure the greatest efficiency and profitability of production, to reduce the cost of devices and reduce the time for their manufacture. The devices shall be convenient and safe to operate, fast, sufficiently rigid to ensure the specified accuracy of processing, convenient for quick installation on the machine, which is especially important when periodically changing devices in mass production, simple and cheap to manufacture, available for repair and replacement of worn out parts.

Designing a Hole Drilling Tool

It is required to design a mounting tool for the drilling operation of the hole ∅16H8 to a depth of 20 mm on a vertical drilling machine of the 2H135 model in serial production.

1.1 Description of the accessory operation.

The device consists of a base 1 which is mounted on the machine table and a body 2 connected to the base by screws 16. Pneumatic cylinder 3 is located inside the housing. Movement of pneumatic cylinder piston at blank clamping is performed by compressed air, which is supplied to pneumatic cylinder through connector (4). Piston is returned to initial position by pre-compressed spring 6.

The accessory operates as follows. Workpiece to be processed is put on rod 5 and enters quick-detachable bushing 7 located on plate 8. Quick-detachable bushing allows turning of blank. The plate is secured to the housing by means of threaded connections 17. So that the axes of the drilled holes are arranged vertically and correspond to the direction of the working feed of the drill, the tool has a support 9 connected to the guide plate 10.

After basing in this position, a folding washer 11 is put on the rod and fixed using a nut 19. The folding washer is made rotatable, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the time for removing and installing the blank in the device. Compressed air from the main is supplied to the pneumatic cylinder, the piston moves downward and clamps the workpiece. Piston is reversed by spring.

Thus, by using this device, the maximum effect of machining the holes is achieved.

Description of operation of accessory

The accessory - a specialized universal drive with a hydraulic drive is designed to base and attach shaft blanks when milling key slots on a vertical milling machine 6P13.

device has body 1 to which prism 2 is rigidly fixed by means of bolts 18. Clamps 9 are arranged on prism sides to which clamps 3 are secured by means of screws 21. On the lower part of the body, guide keys 12 are fixed, by means of which the device is based on the machine table. Attachment of accessory on table is performed by means of bolts (15).

The accessory operates as follows. Blank is installed on prism 2 and fixed with grips 9. When oil is supplied under pressure into cavity of hydraulic cylinder 4, piston together with rod 7 moves to the right and is pressed against right grip, which presses blank to prism with required force. Attachment force is transmitted to RH grip from rod-piston of hydraulic cylinder through eye 11 and axle 10. Thus, the blank is clamped. For expansion, the oil pressure decreases, the pusher moves back, pulls the grip and presses the shaft.


As a result of the work done, devices for drilling holes on the drilling machine 2H135 and processing key slots on the vertical milling machine 6P13 have been developed. Simplicity of construction, application of standard and standard parts and assemblies greatly facilitates manufacturing of devices, and use of pneumatic and hydraulic power drive facilitates work of the worker, reduces auxiliary time and increases accuracy of manufacturing of the part. The use of specialized devices allows you to reduce the scrap on 5... 10%, reduce the labor input on 40%, as well as increase the stability of the accuracy parameters of the operation. Together, all this leads to a decrease in the cost of manufacturing the part with an increase in its quality.

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icon Чертеж сверлильного приспособления.cdw

Чертеж сверлильного приспособления.cdw

icon Чертеж фрезерного приспособления.cdw

Чертеж фрезерного приспособления.cdw
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