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Mechanical Drive Heading Design

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In this course design, a single-stage cylindrical reduction gear (according to the proposed prototype) for the belt conveyor is designed. Design calculation and check calculation of gear transmission of low-speed shaft, bearings, key joints, selection and calculation of coupling were made in the design. Initial data a, mm up b D, mm V, mm Steel brand Wheels Heat treatment Figure number 140 3.55 0.5 215 1.3 45 normalization 20 where a is the axial distance; up - gear ratio of reduction gear box; b is the operating width factor of the gears; D - drum diameter, V - drum circumferential speed, Type of heat treatment: Gearbox purpose - slow-moving; Type of teeth engagement - spur

Project's Content

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1. Design calculation of spur gear

1.1 Determination of geometrical parameters of gear train. In accordance with the design experience, the engagement module is determined by dependency

1.2. Selection of gear materials by the assigned wheel material and determination of permissible stresses

1.3 Determination of the calculated torque that can be transmitted by the gearbox

2. Kinematic calculation of the drive

2.1 Determination of output shaft rotation speed

2.2 Calculation of output shaft power and approximate determination of required engine power

2.3 Determination of overall drive efficiency

2.4 Calculation of required electric motor power:

2.5. Selection of motor size, determination of required motor speed

2.6 Calculation of power, speed and torque on the gear box shafts

3. Calculation of circumferential speed in engagement of gear and wheel teeth. Determination of transmission accuracy

4. Gearbox Layout

4.1. Design calculation of shafts

4.2. Selection of keys

4.3. Selection of bearings

4.4. Fitting of seals

4.5. Calculation of gear and wheel components

4.5.1. Gear Design

4.5.2. Wheel Design

5. Execution of gearbox layout sketch

6. Gearing check calculation

6.1 Strength calculation by contact stresses

6.2. Strength calculation for bending stresses

7. Endurance Shaft Calculation Check

8. Bearing Life Calculation

9. Calculation of key joints strength

10. Selection of lubricants and devices

11. Development of health, safety and environmental measures

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A - Specification


The development of the economy is closely related to the growth of mechanical engineering, because the material power of a person is concluded in technology - machines, mechanisms, devices and devices that perform a very variety of useful work. Currently, there is no sector of agriculture that does not use machines and mechanisms on the largest scale.

The technical level of all sectors of the economy is closely related and largely determines the level of development of engineering. On the basis of the development of mechanical engineering, comprehensive mechanization is carried out in the industry of agriculture, construction, transport, and public utilities. Government decisions constantly pay attention to improving and developing the design of modern machines. Specify the directions and requirements to be taken into account when designing new machines and mechanisms. Designed machines and mechanisms should have the highest performance (productivity, efficiency), low energy consumption and operational materials.

Very different machines and mechanisms for the most part consist of parts and assemblies of the same type in terms of service functions. It follows that the same methods of analysis, calculation and design are used in seemingly distant branches of technology. Since most parts of general purpose machines are used in drives, they are selected by one of the objects of course design. Machine and mechanism drive is a system consisting of an engine and associated devices for driving machine working elements.

Gearbox is a complex gear train consisting of gears, shafts, axles, bearings, housing and lubrication system. By and large, the reduction gear is used to transfer power from the electric motor to the operating mechanisms. Gearboxes of this type are made with spur, crank and shivron wheels. Shafts are mounted on rolling or sliding bearings.

The body is made more often cast iron and less often steel, welded.

The designed reduction gear is designed to match the operating mode of the electric motor with the operating mode of the drum. This is because the drum speed is less than the motor speed. Drum torque exceeds motor torque. The gearbox should smooth out these contradictions.

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icon А2 -Редуктор в сборе_3.cdw

А2 -Редуктор в сборе_3.cdw

icon А3 - Колесо_зубчатое_3.cdw

А3 - Колесо_зубчатое_3.cdw

icon А-3 Вал тихоходный_3.cdw

А-3 Вал тихоходный_3.cdw

icon А4 - Спецификация_3.spw

А4 - Спецификация_3.spw
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