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Hotel with 25 seats - architecture

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Course on architecture. 1 sheet - First floor plan, second floor plan, elevation 1-4 M 1:100, section 1-1 M1: 100, slab plan at elev. + 2,500 and pavements at elev. + 5.300, nodes A-E. 2 sheet - Plot plan of section M 1:500, explication of plot plan, technical and economic indicators, symbols.

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Additional information


MGOU 2011 209398-KP Structural solutions

1 Input Data 5-

2 Design solutions

2.1 Characteristics of the building

2.2 Foundation

2.3 Exterior Walls

2.4 Partitions

2.5 Slab

2.6 Coating

2.7 Roof

2.6 Floors

2.7 Windows

2.8 Doors

2.9 Paving and casting

3 Master Plan

4 Protection of building structures against corrosion

5 Compliance with norms and rules 10-

6 List of main normative and 11-

departmental documents, taking into account the requirements for

of which design solutions have been developed

2 Design solutions.

According to the issued task, a 25-seat hotel project was developed.

The hotel building is two-story with an attic. The roof is double-pitched. The building has a straight-coal shape in plan.

The structural diagram of the hotel building is arceless, with longitudinal load-bearing walls made of brick. Floors of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs and monolithic sections. Spatial rigidity is achieved by the joint work of hard disks of walls and floors. Communication between floors is carried out using a reinforced concrete staircase.

2.1 Characteristics of the building:

- Dimensions of the building in axes 14.20 x 22.80 m high 8.14 m.

- The total area of the building is 353.00 m2,

- Construction volume - 2824.00 m3,

- Building area - 362.20 m,

- level of responsibility of the building - II

- fire resistance rating of the building - II

- structural fire hazard class of the building - CO

- building class by functional fire hazard - F 1.3

For the elev. 0.000 level of clean floor of the first floor is accepted .

2.2 Foundation.

The foundation of the hotel is of tape type, made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements .

Reinforced concrete elements of the foundation and monolithic sections of the foundation shall be made of concrete of class B15, F75, W6.

The foundation foot is laid on elev. 2,420.

For foundations perform concrete preparation with thickness of 100 mm from concrete of class

B7.5, F75, W6.

Lay the units on M 100, F75 grade solution as per GOST 2801398.

Vertical waterproofing is made of hot bitumen grade MBR100

GOST 1583679 in two layers, horizontal waterproofing of two layers of HYG waterproofing

GOST 741586 * on hot bitumen mastic.

Backfill shall be made of medium-sized sand.

2.3 External walls.

The outer walls of the three-layer are made according to the series 2.0302.01 v1.

Lining is made of bricks of silicate grade SUL 100/25 GOST 37995 (2002), bearing part of external wall and internal walls are made of bricks of silicate grade SUR 100/25 GOST 37995 (2002).

Ventshakhts on the roof are designed from ceramic brick KORPo 1NF/150/2.0/50/GOST 5302007, insulated with slabs URSA GLASWOOL P20 TU 5763001714516572004 * and plastered on the grid.

Masonry is carried out on masonry, cement, M 100, Pk3, F 35 GOST 2801398 solution (with 1 2002).

Reinforce the wall masonry with 4 BpI grids, cell 50x50mm. GOST 2327985 (1987) in 5 rows. Polystyrene of M25 grade 150 mm thick is used as insulation. Corrosion protection is provided in joints of reinforcement bars of walls and reinforcement belts.

2.4 Partitions.

Partitions are made according to the series M 25.55/2002.

Inter-room partitions are made of "Knauf" slot-shaped plates

TU 57420071641564898 thickness 80 mm, as a mounting glue, the Fugenfüller Hydro stuffing mixture according to TU 57450100398436297 is used.

Partitions of bathrooms, bathrooms, platforms are executed from moisture resistant tongue-and-groove plates of KNAUF of TU 57420140398436296 80 mm thick, as construction adhesive the spackling mix "Fugenfyuller Hydro" according to TU 57450100398436297 is applied.

2.5 Overlaps.

1K66.15 (12) 8a multi-stop slabs of individual manufacture You can complete 1K63.15 (12) 8a series 1.041.1-5 b.15.3 and 1K76.15 (12) 8a by 1K72.15 (12) 8a series 1.2411 in 27. Plates are fixed to walls with the help of anchors.

2.6 Coating.

Individual ribbed slabs PR366.15 (12) -3 and

RP3-76.15 (12) -3 shall be of type RP363.15 (12) -3 series 1.1656 v.1. Plates are fixed to walls with the help of anchors.

2.7 Roof

The roof structure is made of wooden elements. The lattice is wooden. To cover all wooden elements with structure SenezhOgnebioProf. The insulation is attached using a contour grill, as an insulation, use the mineral wool insulation URSA GLASSWOOL M 11, 150 mm thick.

The roof cover is metal, the cornice is sewn with siding.

2.8 Floors.

The floors of the residential part of the building are accepted according to the 2.1441/88 series. Waterproofing layer is designed in the bathrooms.

2.9 Windows.

Windows of polyvinyl chloride profiles as per GOST 3067499. All window blocks with double-chamber double-glazed windows with a glass spacing of 12 mm.

2.8 Doors.

External doors to the building made of polyvinyl chloride profiles according to GOST 309702002. The internal doors are wooden.

Fire protection doors with fire resistance EI 30.

2.9 Paving and casting.

The paving shall be made around the perimeter of the building 1.0 m wide of asphalt concrete for crushed stone preparation.

A cast is provided for a galvanized steel basement 200x3 mm long 74 m.

3 Master Plan.

The size of the plot allotted for construction is: 150x60 m. The terrain is calm, the size of the natural slope of the earth's surface i = 0.005. The general plan was developed taking into account sanitary and fire safety standards. Before the work is carried out on the site allocated for construction, the vegetation layer is cut off, part of the soil is exported, and part is left for improvement of the territory. Communications connections to existing networks are provided. The designed building with respect to the sides of the world is arranged in such a way that normal insolation and ventilation of residential premises are provided. Roads, entrances to the house, pavements with a pavement 2 m wide were designed. On the site, in addition to the designed building, there are: a pool, a gazebo for rest, a temporary parking lot, benches are installed. The site is landscaped by planting deciduous trees, shrubs, a lawn and flower beds are planted .

4 Protection of building structures against corrosion.

The project provides for a set of measures to protect building structures from aggressive environmental impact due to various types of colors and linings:

- horizontal waterproofing of two layers is arranged at the top of the foundations

HYG hydraulic isolate GOST 741586 * on hot bitumen mastic;

- side surfaces of foundations touching the soil are coated 2 times with hot bitumen GOST 981274;

- protection of metal structures in contact with gasoline enamel EP5287

Specification 23120060752994599 for primer EP0199;

- protection of other metal structures with PF115 enamel for 2 times by primer


5 Compliance with rules and regulations.

The design of the design solution was developed in full compliance with the requirements of environmental, sanitary, fire and other standards applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation, and ensures the safe operation of facilities for life and health of people, subject to the measures provided for in the working drawings.

All construction materials and finished products must have certificates of conformity, hygienic certificates and in accordance with the order of the head of administration

Drawings content


Курсовая архитекрура.dwg

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