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Gear Manufacturing Process

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Table of contents


1. Design Input

2. Process Section

2.1 Design Input Analysis

2.1.1 Service purpose of the part

2.1.2 Design and technological characteristics of the part

2.1.3 Operating mode and time funds

2.1.4 Extension stroke

2.1.5 Type of production

2.2 Part Constructability Analysis

2.3 Selection of initial workpiece and method of its manufacture

2.4 Selection of process bases

2.5 Development of part manufacturing process

2.5.1 Generation of part processing route

2.5.2 Selection of process equipment

2.6 Development of process operations

2.6.1 Formation of process operation and selection of process equipment

2.6.2 Calculation and purpose of cutting modes

2.6.3 Development of the control program

2.6.4 Process rationing

2.6.5 Determination of level of works and qualification of performers

3. Design Section

3.1 Basic Design Selection

3.2 Description of the accessory design

3.3 Accuracy calculation of the accessory

3.4 Calculation of clamping force


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