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Development of operational process of manufacturing of part 2GSh-10.01.009 "Shaft-gear"

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COURSE PROJECT in the discipline "Technological processes of machine parts processing" on the topic "Develop operational technological process of part manufacturing - 2GSH-01.01.009" Gear shaft "

Project's Content

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Additional information



1 General part

1.1 Part Constructability Analysis

1.2 Definition of production type and its characteristics

2 Process Part

2.1 Selection of procurement method

2.2 Development of part machining process route

2.3 Selection of interoperative allowances

2.4 Selection of equipment and means of technological equipment

2.4.1 Selection of machine tools and accessories

2.4.2 Selection of cutting tool

2.4.3 Selection of control methods

2.4.4 LPG selection

2.5 Selection and calculation of cutting modes

2.5.1. Selecting and Calculating Cutting Modes for Operation 010 - NC Turning (Black)

2.5.2. Select and calculate cutting modes for operation 030 - NC Mill

2.6 Rationing of process operations

2.6.1. Operation Normalization 010 - NC Turning (Black)

2.6.2 Operation Rationing 030 - NC Milling

2.7 Designing a Control Program for Part Processing on Software Controlled Machines


List of sources used

Appendix A - Information Coding Map

Project Description

The course project contains: 38 pages, 7 tables, 8 figures, 1 annex.

Source data: part drawing, annual release program.

In this course design, the operational process of processing part 2GSH01.01.009 "Valshesternya" is considered.

The project includes: explanatory note, part processing process and drawings. COMPAS3D was used to execute the graphic part of the course project. When issuing an explanatory note - Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

The explanatory note includes the following topics: analysis of the processability of the part design, development of the workpiece manufacturing method, design of the operational process of the part manufacturing, definition of cutting modes and time standards for machining operations, development of the control program for the CNC machine.

The graphic part of the project contains: part drawing, workpieces, processing process drawing (setup map).



The purpose of this course project in the discipline "Technological processes of machine parts processing" is to develop the technological process for the production of part 2GSH01.01.009 - "Valshesternya" in the conditions of serial production .

The following tasks are considered in the course project:

Define the shape and dimensions of the workpiece

determine machining allowances;

develop a routing process;

Select and analyze the selected equipment and tooling

Select a cutting tool.

Select a measuring tool

Define the cutting modes for the operation

perform process rationing;

Build a setup map for one of the operations

write a control program for one of the operations.


During the course design, the process of processing part 2GSH01.01.009 "Valshesternya" was developed. Based on the part drawing, an analysis of the processability of the part was carried out, the workpiece parameters were calculated, the routing process of the part processing was compiled, and part machining allowances were selected. Equipment, cutting and auxiliary tools were selected. The characteristics of the lathe with NC model 16B16T1 with NC system "NC31 Electronics" are given.

Calculations of cutting modes and time standards were carried out. In the explanatory note calculations for operations 010 - turning with the CNC (draft) and 030 - milling with the CNC are detailed, the modes of cutting and norm of time for other operations are given in technological process of processing of a detail.

A control program was created for operation 010 - turning with NC (draft). The form with the control program is given in the annexes.

Drawings content

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КН 16Б16Т1.cdw

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