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Drawing of general view of cargo dresina of AGMU

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Freight dresins of the AGM type are designed for the transportation of goods and repair and travel crews to the place of work. The AGM auto rubber has been produced since 1945 and was equipped with a 45 hp ZiS-5 engine. On it there is a cantilever type crane with a lifting capacity of 1 t - full-turn, with manual control of turning and movement of the cargo trolley. Load winch is secured on platform to lift load. Drum of the winch receives rotation from reverse shaft through gear gearing, which is switched on during crane operation. The speed of movement of the AGM is 63 km/h, weight 10 tons. In 1948, the modernized AGMu car rubber was launched in the series, driven by a 90 hp ZiS-120 engine and developing a speed of up to 63 km/h. The changes affected mainly the brake system drive - pneumatic, instead of lever. The lever system has now become additional. The drive of the car consists of elements of the ZiS-150 truck (on the AGM - the ZiS-5 car). Crane characteristics have not changed. During the release, the wooden cabin was replaced by a metal one. On the basis of the ASMu dresina, an ASMs dresina was subsequently created, having a speed of 90 km/h; on it there is a ZiL-130 engine and a crane with a lifting capacity of 1.8 tons with an electric drive.

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