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Development of a design of the special universal lathe with CNC CXX

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Drawing and Calculations for Computational and Graphic Work

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1. Patent License Overview

1.1. Turning-turret automatic machine for double-sided processing of articles and, in particular, threaded studs (SU 83023)

1.2. Turning-turret machine for assembly of articles and manufacture of parts (Patent SU 251337)

1.3. Automatic Turning Machine (Patent SU 562384)

2. System analogue analysis and selection of machine prototype

2.1. Lathe with NC L440 Optimum

2.2. Turning-turret machine BND-34C5/T5/S5 with NC MIYANO MACHINERY INC

2.3. MULTUS B300-W Multipurpose Machine

2.4. Lathe CTX 310 Ecoline

3. Design studies and description of the prototype machine

4. Determination of machine accuracy class

5. Calculation of cutting modes

6. Electric motor selection


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In the course of calculation and graphic work, they conducted a patent and license review and system analysis of analogues. Considered lathe with NC L440 Optimum, turning-turret machine BND34C5/T5/S5 with NC MIYANO MACHINERY INC, multipurpose machine MULTUS B300W. Chose a prototype machine: lathe CTX 310 Ecoline

We considered the design studies and description of the prototype machine. Determined the accuracy class of the machine. The cutting modes were calculated and the electric motor was selected.

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