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Business Hotel

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The appearance. 4 ROZDIL 1.OBRUNTUVANNYA PROJECT.. 6 1.1. Marketing additional ring of hotel services in the project area 6 1.1.1. Dosligennya to the area of ​ ​ the Maibutny Gothel complex 6 1.1.2. An analysis of the ring is the answer to that very competitive middle ground. 9 1.1.3. Vivchennya needs in the guest ambassadors in the area forget. 11 1.1.4. Vivchennya obsagu that structure of the flow that is predicted for drinking on the Gothel proverbs, yogo intensity, seasonality. 12 1.1.5. Dosligennya factors, it's too much to see the dynamics of drinking. 14 1.1.6. Forecasted mistosti rinku, yogo kon'lankuri ta segmentatsії 16 1.1.7. Viznachennya that ob_runtuvannya ts_lyovy to a segment rinka proektovany to a gotel 20 1.1.8. Okreslenny are the potentious jerel of the post-harvested resource, the overflow of dodatky services, it is too possible to booty the punctuation. 21 1.1.9. Obґruntuvannya marketingovoї strategії 21 1.1.10. Otsinyuvannya rinka potential of that region of competitiveness of the project to the hotel.. 24 1.1.11. Otsinka Rivnya konkurentsії to the ring. 26 1.2. The concept of a Gothic complex. 29 1.2.1. Ob_runtuvannya kategor і ї, m_stkost_ і to a form utvorennya to a gotel, contingent spozhivach_v, to a perel_k і osoblivost poslug, shcho mayut nadavatisya. 29 1.2.2. Viznachennya to the mode і osoblivost the ZRG robot at gotel_ that yoga spets_al_zats_yu, prognozovano ї dobovo ї dinam_k to a popit on poslug, oborotnost_ m_stsya that zagalno ї denno ї k_lkost_ v_dv_duvach_v to a mortgage. 34 1.2.3. Viznachennya zovn_shn_kh dzheret heat zabezpechennya, energopostachannya, vodopostachannya that kanal_zats і ї 35 1.2.4. The characteristic of the dilyanka Budivnitzva is zagalny. 37 ROZDIL 2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY.. 40 2.1. Modeling service-virobic process. 40 2.1.1. Rosrobka overleaf after the guest.. 40 2.1.2. Rozrobka ekspluatatsіynoї dialnosty to the hotel.. 46 2.1.3. Rosrobka virobnichoї a hotel with ZRG programs.. 47 2.1.4. Modelyuvannya that structurization of trade-virobic process of ZRG 52 2.2. Proektuvannya is a primitive of the ZRG. 60 2.2.1. Obґruntuvannya the vibration of the spacious VRG spring at the warehouse to the hotel 60 2.2.2. Rozrakhunok neobkh_dno ї k_lkost_ sirovin for zabezpechennya virobnicho ї program. 60 2.2.3. Folded card napoїv. 63 2.2.5. Organ_zats_ya robot structural p_drozd_l_v ZRG. 64 2.2.6. About' to the ¾mno-planuvalena r_shennya to a zone postachannya і zber_gannya sirovin 65 2.2.7. Wiesnachennya virobnichoї programs of harvesting workshops. 66 2.2.8. Characterization of the technological process of shirovina shirovina shirovenya processing. 67 2.2.10. Rosrakhunok of the area of ​ ​ harvesting workshops. 69 2.2.11. Rozrobka virobnichoї programs of pre-production workshops. 70 2.2.12. A viznachennya of peculiarities was conducted by technological processes, technological lines of those processes. 72 2.2.13. Obґruntuvannya that vibration of the necessary possessor. 75 2.2.14. Rosrakhunok square of pre-production workshops. 76 2.2.15. Socket a obґruntuvannya ob'єmno-planuvalnoї of ZRG circuit at the warehouse to the hotel 77 2.2.16. The visnachennaya square is primitive of the ZRG at the gotel 78 2.3. Proektuvannya received the hotel.. 79 2.3.1. Rozrakhunok korisny ploshch vs_kh vid_v prim_shchen to a gotel. 79 2.3.2. Ekspl_kats_ya obladnannya prim_shchen _z zaznachennyam brands, ts_n that k_lkost_ 81 2.4. Come in with the dotrimannya of the sanitary rules in Gothel 82 ROZDIL 3. ARCHITECTURE-BUDIVELNIY.. 89 3.1. Pre-project robots. 89 3.1.1. _nzhenerno-bud_veln_ r_shennya proektovany about' the ¾kt. 89 3.1.2. Rosemischennya in the municipal structure 89 3.1.3. Characteristics of konstruktivnoї circuitry of budivli t engineering systems 91 3.1.4. Propozitsії well as the design of the gotel and ZRG. 92 3.1.5. Whiznachennya is an educational and technical indicator of the project. 93 3.2. _nzhenerno-bud_veln_ r_shennya to a mortgage. 95 3.2.1. Roserachunok kostoris budivnitzva. 95 3.2.2. Roserakhunok of operational indicators of the project (vitrati elektroyenergії, teplonosіїv, vody) 101 3.2.3. Circuitry of the comunicacious amalgamated technological Ustatkuvannya 104 3.3. Ochorona pratsi that peckless zhittєdіyalnostі 105 3.3.1. Come in piano chores pratsi, techs-free, enerhogo - that warmly grilled, protipozhezhnoї bezpeki. 105 3.3.2. Ochorona of the nefarious middle ground. 109 3.3.3. Rekomendatsії z zepeki zhittєdіyalnostі 110 3.3.4.Come shchodo zabezpechennya san_tarno-g_g і є n_chny norms in gotel_ і ZRG 111 ROZD_L 4. ORGANIZATION-UNOMICHNIY.. 114 4.1. Managing the hotel. 114 4.1. Management pіdpriєmstvom. 114 4.1.1. The obґruntuvannya organizational and legal status pіdpriєmstva 114 4.1.2. The distribution of the ratsіonalnoї organіzatsіynoї structure of management pіdpriєmstvom 117 4.1.3. The distribution of the regular report pіdpriєmstva. 121 4.2. The economy is private. 131 4.2.1. Obґruntuvannya operating income pіdpriєmstva. 131 4.2.2. Planuvannya operats_yny aktiv_v p_dpri¾mstvo. 141 4.2.3. Plan h pratsi 145 4.2.4. Planuvannya newborn vitrata. pіdpriєmstva 148 4.2.5. Planuvannya operative berm. pіdpriєmstva 154 4.2.6. The planuvannya of the main indicators of diyalnosty pіdpriєmstva on ten rocks 155 4.2.7. Otsinka inefficiency of capital contribution and total cost to the project. 157 ROZDIL 5. DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT.. 161 5.1. Pidvishchennya Jakosti servovannya at Goteli 161 5.1.1. Rozshirennya to the assortment of dodatky proverbs. 161 5.1.2. The redness of minds is lived by guests. 162 5.1.3. Udoskonalennya system of management Yakistu alias. 163 LIST OF VICORISTANIH JEREL 166

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