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Rotor mixer bearing housing

  • Added: 22.05.2015
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The bearing housing of the rotor stirrer is a prism-type part with overall dimensions of 80x135x350. The part is made of grey cast iron CH 18. The bearing housing is a special part that fixes the main shaft on the main platform. This detachable stationary housing consists of a cover and a base connected to each other by two M16 bolts, it allows easy installation of the bearing during wear, re-boring of the insert or adjustment of the clearance. This type of housing is used for very demanding units. On the part there are two holes ∅22 mm in the base of the housing, located at a distance of 290 ± 0.21 mm from each other, serve to secure the bearing on the rotor stirrer platform, two R9 mm slots, two M16 threaded holes designed to connect the cover to the housing with 2 bolts, also in the housing and in the cover there are 3 through threaded holes M12 designed for fixing the blind and through covers.

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