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Part Drawings

Part drawings are presented in this category.
Sometimes a part can be much more complicated than an assembly, because you need to place all dimensions, tolerances on all dimensions, the roughness of all surfaces, tolerances on the shape and location of all surfaces, and all that may be necessary to properly manufacture the part. It is according to the drawings of the parts that the product that you design will be manufactured, according to the assembly, it will only be assembled. Therefore, part drawings should be treated very carefully. Try to measure a complex cast part without errors! And in general, some consider the detailing process itself quite creative, although of course this is incomparable with the design in complexity and responsibility. At least, not a single CAD automatically puts all the dimensions and does not fit, you have to manually, not to mention the rest.
We will try to submit drawings from different fields of industry for free download, so that you can always see an example of the design of a particular part.


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