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14-storey residential building in Lipetsk

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The course project is devoted to the development of a 112-apartment 14-story residential building from panels of a arceless system. It includes the FACADE IN AXLES 1-19 M1: 150 FLOOR PLAN 1 M1: 200 SECTION 1-1 M1: 200 SITE M1: 1000 SECTION 2-2 M1: 100 FLOOR PLAN LAYOUT OF FOUNDATION ELEMENTS M1: 200 BUILDING LAYOUT AND FLOOR PLAN 1 M3: 200 FLOOR PLAN M1:

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Additional information


The course project is devoted to the development of an 112 apartment 14-story residential building from panels of the arceless system.

The designed building is a 2-section residential building. It is designed for simultaneous residence in it 392 people (112 families). On each floor there are 4 apartments: one one-room, one two-room, one three-room and one four-room. It is intended for the long-term residence of people and designed taking into account their domestic and cultural needs.

The volume planning units of this type of building are apartments; communication rooms - corridors, stairwell halls, shafts; auxiliary - garbage wiring

This building shall be classified as follows:

By functional purpose: residential building

Durability: III (50100 years)

By degree of fire resistance: I (all non-combustible elements) from/5/

For functional fire hazard: F1.3 from/5/

By capital: I

By storey: multi-storey

By the nature of the development: with an all-green territory

By type of construction system: from large-sized elements

By Design System: Arceless

By Structural Materials: Stone

By architectural and planning solution: sectional

According to the method of creating an architectural composition: traditional

By type of volumetric composition: frontal from/14/

4 Building engineering equipment

To create a microclimate of premises that meets sanitary and hygienic requirements, stamped panel-type radiators and ventilation system elements are used. For heating of the building, a central double-tube heating system with dead end movement of the coolant and upper wiring is used.

Supply ventilation with natural motivation. In the bathroom and in the kitchen in each apartment there is a ventilation block overlooking the attic. A 1210x1400 mm ventilation shaft is designed on the roof of the building, thanks to which the attic is ventilated. On the roof, it is equipped with an umbrella to prevent atmospheric precipitation from entering the shaft.

The source of cold and hot water supply is the city water supply network. Water supply - household drinking water. The hot water supply is centralized. Household sewage is diverted to the city sewage network.

The building is equipped with cold and hot water supply systems, subdivided by purpose into domestic, industrial and fire protection systems. The water supply system is dead end. The designed water supply systems are designed to provide the required quantity and pressure of water of the required quality. The following components of the water supply system are used: water tanks, booster pump units, water metering units, valves, pneumatic units, fire water pipelines, gate valves, etc.

To remove atmospheric precipitation from the roof of the building, an internal drainage is used. The building has 6 gutters, along which water is removed.

The building is subject to gasification and electrification. The building also has a telephone communication device.

There are two elevators that are driven by mechanisms located in the engine room. An exit from the attic to the roof can also be made through the engine room.

5 Architectural and compositional solution

5.1 Techniques and means of architectural composition and artistic expressiveness of the building used in this project

The architectural and compositional solution of the building is achieved in connection with the functional, volume-planning and structural solution.

The designed building has a frontal composition, which is distinguished by the predominance of dimensions in height and length of the building over dimensions in depth coordinate.

The general composition of the facade is closely related to its planning solution and the small-cell scale of the internal planning structure of the residential part, which creates a similar grid of windows, making the facade small-scale .

The means of harmonizing the architectural forms of the designed building are: mirror symmetry associated with the fact that the left and right parts of the building are mirror-like relative to the vertical axis; rhythm-meter shape, expressed in exact repetition of forms and intervals between them (the same step of equal openings and spacers); contrast of rounded shapes of the entrance staircase, air zone and rectangular shapes of panels, building; tectonics is manifested in the curvature of the building on the panel (from/2/).

The color of the building is chosen based on human psychology. The color subconsciously affects the perception of the building. Color is introduced as a leading means of creating coloristic unity of the complex. In this project, the color decision causes a desire for comfort, exacerbates perception; gives the impression of celestial given clarity of silence (from/16/).

5.2 Construction finishing materials

The interior walls of the living quarters are finished as follows: the walls are covered and glued with wallpaper. Whitewash is applied to the ceilings.

Decoration of interior walls of industrial premises: walls are covered and painted with paint.

In all rooms of high humidity (bathrooms), the wall finish is lined with glazed ceramic tiles on cement mortar up to the level of 2 m, above - whitewash is applied. Ceilings in these rooms also whiten.


Designed a 14-storey residential building from panels of a arceless system on prefabricated panel foundations for climatic conditions in Lipetsk; functional process is carried out on the basis of zoning of rooms, thermal calculation of wall, coating, filling of window opening is given, technical drawings of space-planning and structural solution of the building have been developed.

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