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Repurposing a 7-storey residential building into a public one with offices in Lipetsk

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Course project. Repurposing a 7-storey standard residential building into a public building with offices located in it.

Project's Content

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Job for Course Project

1. Architectural and construction solutions of the reconstructed building

2 Choice of floor structure and floor types

3. Collecting Loads on Floors

4. Metal slab beam calculation

5. Define required parameters for brick walls for beam support

6. Collection of loads on foundations for brick spacers

7. Define Required Foundation Sizes for Brick Slabs

Bibliographic list

Graphic part

Sheet 1. Plans and sections of the renovated building. Fillets of existing and newly constructed brick columns, beams, and slabs. Beam Support Nodes on Existing Brick Walls

Sheet 2. KM. Slab metal beam

1.. Architectural and construction layout of the reconstructed building.

The purpose of the reconstruction is to repurpose a 7-story standard residential building into a public building with offices located in it.

The architectural and construction layout of the reconstructed 7-storey residential building provides the optimal location of offices in it. The repurposed premises correspond to all conditions for the stay of employees of various specifications, maintenance personnel, people. The composition of offices is determined taking into account the profile, capacity of the building and local conditions.

Among the types of work that are carried out during the reconstruction are the following:

- expansion of individual buildings and structures of the main, utility and maintenance purpose in cases when new high-performance and more advanced equipment cannot be placed in existing buildings;

- Construction of new workshops and expansion of existing utility and service facilities to eliminate imbalances;

- construction of new buildings and structures of the same purpose instead of those liquidated on the territory of the enterprise, further operation of which according to technical and economic conditions is considered inappropriate.

The reconstruction of the building is carried out on the basis of the assignment for the course design, engineering-geological and climatic data for the city of Yekaterinburg and SNiP 2.08.0289 * "Public buildings and structures."

The foundation base, according to the assignment, is clay with yield index JL = 0, porosity coefficient e = 0.8 and density 1900 kg/m3.

Reconstruction assumes replacement of wooden overlappings by combined reinforced concrete plates of 3600х1200х220 (GOST 2643485) with installation of the additional bases in the building and the device of brick self-bearing walls under an opiraniye of plates of overlapping in flights .

The frame of the building is brick self-supporting walls of 2.5 bricks (640 mm), spacers of 2 bricks (510 mm).

The roof is gable, covered with a cipher.

The height of the floor in the light is 3 m, the height of the building is 25.6 m.

Foundations - tape, prefabricated, laying depth - 2 m with basement device.

2 Select floor structure and floor types.

In the reconstructed building, combined reinforced concrete plates of overlapping are provided by a standard size of 1 personal computer.6.12 of 3600х1200х220 in size.

Floors in the premises - parquet, in the sun. nodes - ceramic tiles.

In the reconstructed building, design panel gypsum cardboard partitions 120 mm thick. Slabs for partitions in joints of brick walls shall be fixed with anchors, which shall ensure rigidity of partitions structure. Make wiring in special holes, which are provided in advance.

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