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0.4 kV single-chain, double-chain and transition reinforced concrete supports of VLI with SIP-2 wires with linear reinforcement of TD-VLI-KIT LLC - typical design

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Additional information

1. the general part.

1.1. The design of 0.4 kV VLI reinforced concrete supports with SHIP-2 self-supporting insulated wires was developed under contract No. 11/015 of 14.07.2011 with TDVLIKOLLEKT OOO.

1.2. As part of this project, 0.4 kV VLI single-chain, double-chain and transition reinforced concrete supports with SIP-2 with linear reinforcement of TDVLIKOLLEKT LLC were developed in accordance with the requirements of PUE 7 edition.

1.3. 0.4 kV single-chain VL supports are designed on the basis of 9.5 m long reinforced concrete posts with a design bending moment of 20 and 30 kNm.

0.4 kV double-chain VL supports are designed on the basis of 9.5 m long reinforced concrete posts with a design bending moment of 30 kNm.

The SV952c and SV953c racks are made in typical metal molds for the SV952 racks, the SV953 rack is the upper part of the typical SV1103.5 rack and can be made in typical SV1103.5 rack shapes.

The 0.4 kV VL adapter supports are designed on the basis of typical reinforced concrete struts SV1053.6 (5) and SV1103.5 (5) with a design bending moment from 35 to 50 kNm.

1.4. The following types of supports are presented in the project:

- single-chain: intermediate P31, angular intermediate UP31, anchor (end) A31, angular anchor UA31, anchor branch AO31;

- double-chain: intermediate P32, angular intermediate UP32, anchor (end) A32, angular anchor AA32, anchor branch AO32;

- single-chain and double-chain adapter supports of increased size for intersection with engineering facilities: intermediate PP31 and PP32;

- anchor PA31 and PA32, corner anchor PAA31 and PAA32, branch anchor PAA31 and PAA32 and special corner support UPS31.

In the designation of supports, letters indicate the type of support, and numbers indicate the serial number of the support.

1.5. Intermediate supports have been developed of a single-post structure, anchor-type supports are made of a strut structure using P3i reinforced concrete anchor plates, and a special angular support with a brace.

- Single-chain supports P31, UP31, A31, UA31, AO31 based on posts SV952 (2c) are used only in I-II wind areas and in IIV ice areas.

- One - and double-circuit P31, UP31, A31, UA31, AO31, P32, UP32, A32, UA32, AO32 support on the basis of racks of CB953 and SV953s can be applied in IIV areas downwind and to ice .

- Single-chain adapter supports PP31, PA31, PUA31, PAA31 and UPS31 on struts SV1053.6 (5) and SV1103.5 (5) can be used in IIV areas in wind and ice.

- Double-circuit transitional PP32, PA32, PUA32 POA32 support :

Posts SV1053.6 and SV1103.5 can be used in the III wind and IIV ice areas;

on posts SV1055 and SV1105 can be used in IIV areas in wind and ice.

Supports are intended for use in built-up (B) and undeveloped (A) areas.

1.6. On all types of supports, it is possible to branch to the entrances to the buildings in one and two sides of the VL of two, four and 2x2 cores of the PIS.

1.7. Specifications of 0.4 kV IDL supports take into account PIS suspension,

Said core comprises three phase cores, one street lighting core and zero-bearing core.


2.1. Self-supporting insulated wire PIP-2 contains three phase current-conducting insulated cores and one zero bearing insulated core.

The PIP-2 wire may additionally comprise auxiliary conductive conductors for connection of external lighting or monitoring circuits.

2.2. On the supports developed in this project, self-supporting insulated wires PIP-2 are suspended, manufactured according to GOST R 523732005 (this wire was called SIP2A in the specification, in France - Torsada).

2.3. PIP-2 phase cores are made of aluminum; bearing zero core - from thermo-reinforced aluminium alloy with temporary resistance of wires 295 MPa.

2.4. The insulating shell of the PIS cores is resistant to environmental influences and is made of cross-linked cross-linked polyethylene (EPP) and contains carbon black in its structure to ensure a long service life.

2.5. PIS-2 distinguishes from other PIS structures the following properties:

- Versatility of reinforcement,

- Easy to install,

- Safety for consumers and installers,

- Reliability in operation,

- Tightness of connections.

3. line fittings for sip-2 wires.

3.1. Supporting, tensioning, branching and connecting clamps and other elements of linear reinforcement for PIP-2 attachment to supports are supplied by TDVLIKOLLEKT LLC (www.vlicomplekt.ru ).

Specific selection of all types of line fittings, such as support, tensioning, branching and connecting clamps are given in the specifications in the drawings of 0.4 kV VLI supports and in this section.

The main types of linear fittings by means of which fastening of SIP-2 to the VLI support is carried out are given below (see Subparagraphs 3.2÷3.11).

3.2. For fastening of wires of the VLI highway of 0.4 kV on intermediate support the set of an intermediate pendant of ES 5414 for the bearing vein the VULTURE with a section of 16÷95 mm2 is provided.

The brackets are attached using stainless steel band F20.7. The tape is fixed with a C20 fastener on intermediate supports or with a B20 hanger on anchor supports.

3.3. Wire attachment of VLI line on anchor type supports is provided by means of anchor clamps PA 1000, PA 1500E and PA 2000.

Anchor or tension clamps are made of aluminum alloy and are resistant to corrosion.

For wires with a load-bearing core section of 25-35mm2, PA 1000 tension clamps with a minimum destructive load of 1000 daN are used, PA 1500E clamps (1500 daN) with a section of 50-70 mm2, and PA 2000 clamps (2000 daN) with a section of 95 mm2.

3.4. The branch from the VLI highway of 0.4 kV is carried out by means of tight clips: ST 25 for veins the VULTURE of the highway with a section up to 70 mm2 and a branch with a section up to 10 mm2; ST 70 for PIS cores of the line with a section of 95 mm and branches with a section of 35 mm ² and CT1S 9525 for line cores and branches with a section of up to 95 mm ² .

For branching of the street lighting core with a section of 1.5? 10 mm2, the clamp ST 25 is used .

3.5. The connection of the support core in the span shall be made by means of connecting clamps MJPT 54.6 N, MJPT 70N, MJPT 95N providing mechanical strength of not less than 90% of the breaking force of the support core. No more than one connection of the load-bearing zero core in the span is allowed.

The connecting terminals MJPT of the respective sections are required to connect the current conductors in the line span.

Connecting clamps of MJPT type are used to connect the main conductive conductors with a section from 35 to 95 mm2 in the supports loops.

3.6. To connect the grounding conductor to the zero core of PIP-2, clamps SVR EP, SVR 1 and SVR 2 are used. Clamps CD 35 and CD 150 are designed to connect non-insulated aluminum and steel conductors.

3.7. Brackets CA 25, CT3, CA 1500 and CA2000, anchor clamps PA 1000, PA 1500 E, PA 2000, PA2/25 and PA25 are used to fix the PIS on the walls of buildings and structures.

Facade attachments BRPF 150.1 or BRPF 150.6 are used to lay PIS on building walls.

3.8. Tight clamps CTN 35 or CTN 95 shall be used to branch the PIS from the HLV.

3.9. According to the requirements of Chapter 2.4 of PUE 7 of the edition, clamps for connection of voltage monitoring devices and portable grounding shall be installed on the wires at the beginning and at the end of each VLI line.

Therefore, the SMSS/PT 70 adapters should be installed at the line design stage on the first end support of each 10/0.4 kV HF line departing from the HF, as well as at the end of each HF line.

CMCC/CT 70 adapters are installed on conducting and zero veins on all service life of the line.

During operation, the M6D (M7D) closure device is connected to the SMCC/PT adapter, then the portable grounding of the MAT is connected using bayonet attachment.

This method of portable grounding is the most reliable and economical.

It is not acceptable to use portable grounding intended for non-insulated overhead lines on the VLI, this is a violation of the VLI operation technology.

Portable earthing can also be connected to the line through mast breakers, this option is much more expensive than the first, but is less time consuming.

3.10. For restriction of consumer power and protection of the main line against KZ it is recommended to use PF 16/95 safety locks with safety inserts like F to admissible current 2A ÷ 20A.

3.11. Basically, all brackets are attached to reinforced concrete supports using metal tape F 20.7 in one turn and fixing fastener C 20. During the design, F20.7 and C 20 shall be provided for attachment in several places of the grounding conductor descent along the support.

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