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Traction-dynamic calculation of a car with the development of a driving bridge - heading

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Course project with the development of the MAZ-53362 leading bridge. Includes engine selection, calculation of external speed characteristic of the engine, calculation of transmission gear ratios, calculation of kinematic speed by gears, calculation of traction characteristic of the car, calculation of dynamic characteristic, calculation of acceleration dynamics, calculation of time and acceleration path, description of the structure device, strength calculation, as well as drawing of the bridge and graphics

Project's Content

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icon Редуктор заднего моста МАЗ с колесным редуктором(разъемный).cdw
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1 Engine selection

2 Calculation of engine external speed characteristic

3 Calculation of transmission gear ratios

4 Calculation of kinematic speed by gears

5 Calculation of the traction characteristic of the car

6 Dynamic characteristic calculation

7 Calculation of acceleration dynamics

8 Calculation of acceleration time and path

9 Description of the structure device

10 Strength calculation





The main objective of the course project is the traction dynamic calculation of the MAZ-53362 car with the development of a driving axle, which includes the determination of engine and transmission characteristics that ensure the required traction and fuel efficiency of the car under given operating conditions.

The project solves the following problems for calculating the traction dynamic characteristics of a car with the development of a driving axle: engine selection (maximum power calculation), engine external speed characteristic, calculation of transmission ratios, calculation of the kinematic speed of the car by gears, car traction characteristic, car dynamic characteristic, car acceleration dynamics characteristic, power calculation of the driving axle.


The course project was based on the calculation and design of the leading bridge, paying attention to a thorough study of the design in all its details.

The main task of traction calculation was to determine the characteristics of the engine and transmission, which provide the required traction speed characteristics, as well as the strength calculation of the driving bridge .

During the design process, the driving bridge of the MAZ-53362 prototype car was carefully considered and studied.

Drawings content

icon Вн.скор.cdw


icon Редуктор заднего моста МАЗ с колесным редуктором(разъемный).cdw

Редуктор заднего моста МАЗ с колесным редуктором(разъемный).cdw

icon Спецификация СБ редуктора.spw

Спецификация СБ редуктора.spw

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